Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The U & U Show 390 | New Sufjan!

Sufjan Stevens : Carrie and Lowell : Carrie and Lowell (2015)
-          I believe it's officially his forthcoming 6th album, but he's also but out numerous other compilations and releases from side projects.
-          One of the most talented musicians that I've been able to enjoy every step of the way.
-          This first teaser sounds like a hope-elevating return to his early stripped back folk days.

Iron and Wine : Everyone's Summer of '95 : Archive Series Volume No. 1 (2015)
-          First in a series of albums comprised of unreleased music.
-          This song is a great reminder of the incredible rough, raw folk Sam Beam did early on.


Operators : True : EP1 (2014)
-          Self-released debut EP from Dan Boeckner’s (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs & Divine Fits) latest project.
-          I just attended their ‘5th or 6th’ concert and it came off like a big blend of LCD Soundsystem and Handsome Furs.

Future Islands : Balance : On The Water (2011)
-          3rd full length.
-          Baltimore band.
-          Their 4th album, Singles, was my top album of 2014.

Panda Bear : Sequential Circuits : Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper (2015)
-          5th album.
-          Member of Animal Collective, one of the most highly acclaimed Indie bands.
-          Hypnotizing experimental, electronic psych pop.
-          Getting an obscene load of hype, but is sounding like it will be phenomenal.

Twerps : I Don't Mind : Range Anxiety (2015)
-          Forthcoming 2nd album. 2 2014 Eps as well.
-          Australian spacey indie pop.
-          Their newer songs have featured more singers.
-          This one is sung by Jules McFarlane.

Small Wonder : Lost At Highway : Wendy (2014)
-          2nd release and one of the best that I missed from last year..
-          Led by super young Brooklyner Henry Crawford.
-          DIY indie pop, Peter Pan-themed album.

The Felice Brothers : Fire at the Pageant : Celebration, Florida (2011)
-          7th album of 8.
-          Distinct Dylan sound that they've been derided for, but an excellent raw folk sound and live performers.

Pink Mountaintops : Asleep With An Angel : April 77 (2014)
-          Latest single. Also 4 full lengths.
-          Led by Stephen McBean of the heavier and darker rock band Black Mountain.
-          Jagjaguwar label.

Howlin' Rain : Big Red Moon : Mansion Songs (2015)
-          6th album.
-          Led by Ethan Miller, formerly of Comets On Fire.
-          Big blues psych rock that gets a bit jammier than I tend to go for, but the vocals are pretty powerful and unique to Ethan Miller

Viet Cong : Silhouettes : Viet Cong (2014)
-          One of the first singles off their forthcoming debut.
-          Made up from members of Women after a member died and they broke up.
-          Women was a hightly acclaimed indie rock band.
-          Jagjaguwar label.

Waxahatchee : Air : Ivy Tripp (2015)
-          3rd full length.
-          Her 2nd album, 2013's Cerulean Salt, was one of the year's best.
-          Project from Kate Crutchfield. Twin sister of Swearin's Allison Crutchfield.
-          Debut was lo-fi and a rougher DIY style album.

Forth Wanderers : Selfish : Tough Love (2015)
-          Debut LP.
-          Grungier, early 90's college radio sound similar to Swearin' or Cherry Glazerr.
-          New Jersey based.

Expert Alterations : Venetian Blinds : 2013, May (2013)
-          First of two minor releases.
-          A self-titled EP was out in early 2014.
-          Baltimore jangly, indie pop a bit reminiscent of Guided By Voices.

Sonny & The Sunsets : Happy Carrot Health Food Store : Talent Night at the Ashram (2015)
-          Roughly his 10th album.
-          One of the more restless musicians going.
-          This album started out as an idea to make a series of short films that turned into more of an album with a storytelling approach.

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