Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The U & U Show 389 | Early Promise

Panda Bear : Boys Latin : Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper (2015)
-          5th album.
-          Member of Animal Collective, one of the most highly acclaimed Indie bands.
-          Hypnotizing experimental, electronic psych pop.
-          Getting an obscene load of hype, but is sounding like it will be phenomenal.

Pond : Sitting Up On Our Crane : Man, It Feels Like Space Again (2015)
-          Forthcoming 6th album
-          Australian group that features members of Tame Impala’s touring band.
-          Led by Nicholas Allbrook, also of Allbrook/Avery, who released his solo debut in 2014.
-          One of the most entertaining lead singers.
-          Latest music and live shows have made me think of 70’s Pink Floyd.
-          This collective of Perth musicians is making some of the greatest psych rock currently.


Mikal Cronin : Blue Eyed Girl : I Don't Mind / Blue Eyed Girl 7" (2014)
-          Latest single.
-          One of the best songwriters going writing vintage beachy psych rock/pop.
-          Also in a surf-punk band called the Moonhearts & Ty Segall's backing band, just like Ty's in Mikal's band.

Shamir : The House That Built Me (Miranda Lambert Cover) (2014)
-          Powerful and subdued cover.
-          Debut Northtown EP was out in 2014.
-          Super young electronic, indie, R n B songwriter from Brooklyn.
-          Can lean towards LCD Soundsystem’s sound at times.

Small Wonder : Until I Open My Wings : Wendy (2014)
-          2nd release and one of the best that I missed from last year..
-          Led by super young Brooklyner Henry Crawford.
-          DIY indie pop, Peter Pan-themed album.

Lou Reed : I'm So Free : Transformer (1972)
-          2nd solo album after his time with Velvet Underground.
-          Much credit is due to David Bowie for launching his solo career.
-          Covered by Deer Tick and Patrick Stickles.
-          Died in 2013.

Deer Tick : 20 Miles : The Black Dirt Sessions (2010)
-          3rd album.
-          Led by John McCauley who's also in Middle Brother and Diamond Rugs.
-          Diamond Rugs is about to release their 2nd album.
-          Just did a string of 10th anny shows covering their favorite albums with their friends.
-          I attended the Lou Reed Transformer show which featured Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus, Sharon Von Etten, and one of the Felice Brothers.

The Felice Brothers : Lincoln Continental : God Bless You Amigo (2012)
-          The 2nd of two albums of demos/unreleased music.
-          Also 8 full length albums.
-          Distinct Dylan sound that they've been derided for, but an excellent raw folk sound and live performers.

Howlin' Rain : Wild Bush : Mansion Songs (2015)
-          6th album.
-          Led by Ethan Miller, formerly of Comets On Fire.
-          Big blues psych rock that gets a bit jammier than I tend to go for, but the vocals are pretty powerful and unique to Ethan Miller

Chain and the Gang : Crime Don't Pay : Minimum Rock N Roll (2014)
-          4th release.
-          DC muscular garage rock band.
-          Led by Ian Svenonius.
-          Remind me of the Kills, just with a little less mean and more psych..

Ultimate Painting : Ten Street : Ultimate Painting (2014)
-          Debut LP
-          Easy-going, jammy 60’s folk.
-          CMJ 2014

Viet Cong : Continental Shelf : Viet Cong (2014)
-          One of the first singles off their forthcoming debut.
-          Made up from members of Women after a member died and they broke up.
-          Women was a hightly acclaimed indie rock band.
-          Jagjaguwar label.

Elisa Ambrogio : Clarinet Queen : The Immoralist (2014)
-          Solo debut from Magik Markers member.
-          Fuzzy slow-burning shoe-gaze.
-          Out on the almost always solid Drag City label.

Yellerkin : Dixie Rain (Live From Float Home) (2014)
-          Debut EP
-          Brooklyn based electronic folk pop.
-          RIYL Yeasayer.

Dr. Dog : Heart It Races (Architecture in Helsinki cover) : The Girl b/w Heart It Races (2007)
-          One of their early singles that is being re-released.
-          They're set to release their first live album.
-          Philly psych folk band.

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