Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sloan – Down In A Basement – Parallel Play (2008) - 9th album… first on yep rock label o Marah, chuck prophet, ian hunter, dolorean - wide variety of styles on the table for this album - each member took turns having their influence felt - fans of the beatles, but this one definitely has a Dylan feel to it - one of Canada’s most successful bands of the past 15 yrs or so - - - Stream song on Hypemachine Dr. Dog – Hang On – Fate (2008) - 4th album - Brilliant 60’s folky beatles feel - Philly band - They tend to play Indy regularly - - - Stream the song on Hypemachine Sic Alps – Love is Strange – A Long Way Around to a Shortcut (2008) - debut full length, but they have a lot of music/EPs out - touring with Thee Oh Sees - forthcoming album US EZ - use a lot of distortion and play some pretty heavy music but with doesn’t muddle together - door’s sound on this track - - Stream song on Hypemachine Spooky Tooth – Feelin Bad – Spooky Two - 2nd album - signature late 60’s blues rock - lead singer Mike Harrison - main writer Gary Wright - reminds me of a Cat Stevens Song - Stream sample of song on Amazon Thomas Function – Can’t Say No – Celebration (2008) - debut album - big catchy melodies and hooks - something that just sounds like an album you could keep in your car cd player all summer long - vocals are reminiscent of the stones just a little higher pitch, swagger along - The Hold Steady – Sequestered in Memphis – Stay Positive (2008) - first single off latest album - playing the Bluebird in Bloomington with Drive-By Truckers in NOV - - - Stream them on Hypemachine Awesome Color – Taste It – Electric Aborigines (2008) - 2nd album… self titled debut in 2006 - 60’s blues/psych rock… a bit jammier than those though… very catchy riffs - Michigan trio - - - Stream samples of album on Amazon Humble Pie – Sour Grain – Rock On (1971) - 2nd album - Led by Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton o Two huge names and in their prime at the time. - Stream song on Youtube King Khan & The Shrines – Torture – The Supreme Genius of… (2008) - first album under this moniker - king khan & the BBQ Show has 2 albums - huge 60’s garage rock - - - Stream them on Hypemachine Marah – Round Eye Blues – Kids In Philly - debut full length… just released their 6th - this one has almost a counting crows/todd snider feel to it o still the springsteen/dire straits vocals are there - Philly band - - - Stream samples of album on Amazon - Stream song on Hypemachine Dennis Wilson – Schoolgirl – Pacific Ocean Blues/Bambu (Deluxe Re-issue) (1977/2008) - only two albums from dennis wilson - founding member of Beach Boys - seger in the vocals - died in 1983 at 39… alcohol related drowning - connection to the manson family… manson was his ‘protégé’ called him the wizard - monster reviews…. Incredibly diverse album - - Stream samples of entire doudle disc set on Amazon Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Buriedfed - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (2008) - Debut album - This is one of 4 tracks you must hear - Helping him out are members of the band Grizzly Bear and TV on the Radio - Hoping for a tour stop somewhere close - - Stream song on Pitchfork Spectrum – How You Satisfy Me – How you Satisfy Me (1991) - opening track on solo debut - pete ‘soni boom’ kember – former member of influencial space-rock band Spaceman 3 - just put out the album Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis – Indian Giver - Stream song on Hypemachine The War on Drugs – Arms Like Builders – Wagonwheel Blues (2008) - debut album - can’t put my finger on it but they are one of the better new indie rock bands I’ve heard in a while - touring Europe - Philadelphia band - - - Stream their music on Hypemachine