Wednesday, November 19, 2014

U & U Show 383 | DEJJ Is Here. Tobias Is Coming.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. : We Almost Lost Detroit : It's a Corporate World (2011)
-          Debut LP. Cover of Gil Scott Heron.
-          Just completed recording and I'd expect it in early 2015.
-          Dominated 2013 with their 2nd full length, The Speed of Things, and the Patterns EP.
-          Their 2010 debut EP garnered them a lot of good reviews.
-          One of the best live bands going right now.

Tobias Jesso Jr. : Hollywood (2014)
-          First single from debut LP due out in Early 2015.
-          Produced by a Chet JR White of Girls and Patrick Carney of the Black Keys.
-          Only 2 other demos out via YouTube
-          RIYL Nilsson, early Perfume Genius, or early solo Christopher Owens.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson : Buriedfed : Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (2008)
-          Debut album
-          TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone and Grizzly Bear’s Christopher Bear continue to lend a hand to his work
-          His 2nd album was out in 2009, Sound of Fear.
-          Had a very hard life prior to these releases.

Christopher Owens : America (2014)
-          2nd solo album, A New Testament, was just out.
-          Former leader of the majorly critically acclaimed indie-rock band Girls.
-          Sounding the most like Bright Eyes here than he ever has.

French Style Furs : Turn Or Burn : Is Exotic Bait (2014)
-          Debut LP.
-          New group featuring members of the Cold War Kids and We Barbarians.
-          Out on the steadily consistent Frenchkiss Records.

TV On The Radio : Quartz : Seeds (2014)
-          5th album.
-          Groundbreaking and genre-creating band from Brooklyn.

Human Heat : All Night (feat. T. Lieberson) : Human Heat EP (2014)
-          Debut EP.
-          New project from Alex Schaaf of Yellow Ostrich.
-          This track features T. Lieberson of the band TEEN.
-          Yellow Ostrich's last show is this December.
-          Human Heat takes a much more electronic approach than Yellow Ostrich.

Dead Professional : Hard Hard Hard : Hard Hard Hard EP (2014)
-          Debut EP length.
-          Led by John Harouff
-          Super catchy big beat rock.

Hideout : All I Want : Rookie (2014)
-          Debut LP.
-          Offshoot of the super popular indie-to-mainstream crossover band Cults.
-          Features the guitarist and drummer from Cults.

Streets of Laredo : Slow Train : Streets of Laredo Vol. 2 (2013)
-          Debut EP
-          Download the EP for free from their Official Site.
-          New Zealand indie folk.
-          SXSW 2014

Cool Ghouls : And It Grows : A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye  (2014)
-          2nd album.
-          Debut s/t album was out in 2013.
-          Vintage, beachy/southern garage rock.
-          Surprise! Another great effort out on Burger Records.

Joy Division : Insight : Unknown Pleasures (1979)
-          Debut album of only 2.
-          One of the more sadly short-lived, darker, moodier post-punk bands.
-          Leader Ian Curtis committed suicide as they were releasing their 2nd album, Closer.
-          Showcases an surprising (to me) amount of Black Sabbath influence.
-          Iconic pulsar cover.
-          Remaining members continued on as New Order.

Modest Mouse : Cowboy Dan : Lonesome Crowded West (Deluxe Reissue) (1997/2014) 
-          2nd of their 5 albums. The first two have just been reissued.
-          One of the greatest, most influential bands of this ere.
-          Led to other recent U and U favorites like Wolf Parade and Heart-Ships.

Official Site

Amen Dunes : Splits are Parted : Love (2014)
-          3rd full length.
-          Significantly more approachable track from the usually more spacey, jammy, ambient dark rock band.

Steve Gunn : Tommy's Congo : Way Out Weather (2014)
-          First single from his forthcoming album.
-          Also did a collaborative EP with Hiss Golden Messenger entitled Golden Gunn in 2013.
-          2nd album with a full band.
-          Experimental, jammy, classical acoustic guitarist.

Nicholas Allbrook : Itttme : Ganough, Wallis & Fatuna (2014)
-          Debut solo album
-          Former touring bassist for Tame Impala
-          Leader of POND and in Allbrook/Avery, which is another Tame Impala/POND spin off band
-          This collective of Perth musicians is making some of the greatest psych rock currently.

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