Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The U & U Show 382 | Tame Impala Gushfest 2014

Tame Impala : Feels Like We Only Go Backwards : Lonerism (2012)
-          2nd album and my 2nd favorite album of 2012.
-          Australian classic psych outfit led by Kevin Parker.
-          Members also responsible for the excellent band POND.

Nicholas Allbrook : Pretty Story : Ganough, Wallis & Fatuna (2014)
-          Debut solo album
-          Former touring bassist for Tame Impala
-          Leader of POND and in Allbrook/Avery, which is another Tame Impala/POND spin off band
-          This collective of Perth musicians is making some of the greatest psych rock currently.

Modest Mouse : Trailer Trash : The Lonesome Crowded West (Deluxe Reissue) (1997/2014)
-          2nd album of 5. 
-          One of the greatest and most influential bands of the past 20 years.
-          Led to recent show favorite bands like Wolf Parade and Heart-Ships.

Built To Spill : Dystopian Dream Girl : There's Nothing Wrong With Love (1994)
-          2nd album of 7.
-          Pioneering college/indie rock band.
-          Modest Mouse would not exist if Built To Spill didn’t.

Ought : Pleasant Heart : More Than Any Other Day (2014)
-          Debut LP. Debut EP out in 2012.
-          Montreal by way of the States post-punk rock band.
-          Name your own price for all their music on their bandcamp.

Deerhoof : Paradise Girls : La Isla Bonita (2014)
-          13th album.
-          Wild, erratic, yet catchy, indie noise pop/rock.
-          'Sexy, But Sparkly' is one their ultimate song for me.

Human Heat : Under My Skin : Human Heat EP (2014)
-          Debut EP.
-          New project from Alex Schaaf of Yellow Ostrich.
-          Yellow Ostrich's last show is this December.
-          Human Heat takes a much more electronic approach than Yellow Ostrich.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. : James Dean (2014)
-          One off single warming the waters for their forthcoming 3rd album.
-          Just completed recording and I'd expect it in early 2015.
-          Dominated 2013 with their 2nd full length, The Speed of Things, and the Patterns EP.
-          Their 2010 debut EP garnered them a lot of good reviews.
-          One of the best live bands going right now.

Twin Shadow : Castles In The Snow : Forget (2010)
-          Debut of two excellent, highly acclaimed albums. Confess was out in 2012.
-          Released a couple  high quality singles in 2014, presumably prepping for a 3rd LP.
-          Led by George Lewis Jr.

Horse Feathers : Old Media : So It Is With Us (2014)
-          5th full length.
-          Oregon indie folk rock bringing their biggest and fullest album yet.
-          Incredibly powerful live show.

Steve Gunn : Wildwood : Way Out Weather (2014)
-          First single from his forthcoming album.
-          Also did a collaborative EP with Hiss Golden Messenger entitled Golden Gunn in 2013.
-          2nd album with a full band.
-          Experimental, jammy, classical acoustic guitarist.

The Amazing : Picture You : Picture You (2015)
-          3rd album.
-          Swedish band that spawned from Dungen.
-          Both bring a slightly folkier brand of psych rock than Tame Impala.

Son of Rams : Ono Psycho Seven Slider : Flower Child in the Jacuzzi (2014)
-          The 2nd of 2 LPs available for free on their BandCamp.
-          Big 70's classic rock feel here.
-          Another gem I found on the Rollo & Grady blog.

The Memories : Labour of Love : Hot Afternoon (2014)
-          Latest LP out on Burger Records.
-          Loose lo-fi glam/big beat  50's/60's rock.
-          Produced by Sonny Smith of Sonny and the Sunsets.
-          Most of their songs clock in under 2 minutes

Johnny Thunders : Great Big Kiss : So Alone (1978)
-          Debut of 6 solo albums.
-          Former lead guitarist for the New York Dolls.
-          Spun off from the brash classic punk rockers to go solo.
-          His influence can clearly be heard in a lot of the Replacements music.
-          Died in 1991 at age 38.

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