Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The U & U Show 384 | DbA's Farewell & OnlyReal's Debut

OnlyReal : Yesterdays (single) (2014)
-          First single from his just announced debut LP.
-          No title for the album yet, but it is already one of my most anticipated albums of 2015.
-          Over the past couple years Niall Galvin has released some of the catchiest indie pop under his OnlyReal moniker.

Future Islands : Sun In the Morning : Singles (2014)
-          4th album.
-          Catchiest and danciest album today.
-          One of the best albums of 2014.
-          Possibly the biggest of the secret bands that played the 1st of Death By Audio's final 5 shows.


The Immaculates : Tara Tarra : Vol II 7" (2012)
-          One of only two 7" singles.
-          One of the secret bands that played the 1st of Death By Audio's final 5 shows.
-          Death By Audio was one of the more renowned small DIY music venues in NYC.
-          It, along with 2 others on the same block, is shutting down because of VICE acquiring the space.

A Place to Bury Strangers : I'm Wise : Strange Moon EP (2013)
-          11th EP. Also 3 albums out so far and a 4th on the way in 2015.
-          One of the secret bands that played the 1st of Death By Audio's final 5 shows.
-          From noisy to synth-heavy post-punk.

King Khan : Bandit Queen (feat. Natalia Avelon) : Upset the Night b/w Bandit Queen 7" (2014)
-          The latest in a string of recent singles celebrating lesser known political protesters.
-          He also plays with the BBQ Show (as the Bad News Boys) and King Khan and His Shrines.
-          One of my favorite purveyors of vintage soul and rock.

Ty Segall : For Those Who Weep : $INGLE$ 2 (2014)
-          Compilation of non-album singles since 2011.
-          Features covers of Velvet Underground, the Groundhogs, and GG Allin.
-          Already released an excellent LP this year called Manipulator.
-          Still on of the best garage psych artists going.

Matthew Melton : Painted Sign : Outside of Paradise (2014)
-          Solo debut.
-          Leader of Warm Soda and formerly of Bare Wires and Snake Flower 2.
-          Rough, fuzzy, catchy T Rex-style 70's rock.

Will Butler : Take My Side : Policy (2015)
-          Forthcoming solo debut.
-          Member of Arcade Fire and brother of their leader, Win Butler.
-          From this and several live videos it sounds like it's going to be a looser more rock heavy sounds compared to Arcade Fire.

French Style Furs : Miami U R About 2 B Surprised : Is Exotic Bait (2014)
-          Debut LP
-          New group featuring members of Cold War Kids and We Barbarians.
-          Out on the very consistent Frenchkiss records.

TV On The Radio : Careful You : Seeds (2014)
-          5th album.
-          Innovative Brooklyn indie-rock band.
-          Led by Tunde Adibimpe and Kyp Malone.

Mark Mcguire : Earth Grid (Activation) : Noctilucence EP (2014)
-          Latest EP released as a follow up to his excellent 2014 LP, Along the Way.
-          Mostly instrumental experimental, looped guitarist.
-          One of the most hypnotic live performances of SXSW 2014.
-          On the superb Jagjaguwar sister label, Dead Oceans.

Wet Hair : In the Garden of the Pharaohs : In the Garden of the Pharaohs (single) (2009)
-          4th of 4 debut singles out in 2009. Also 2 LPs.
-          One of the weirder bands on the show.
-          Electronic, psych post-punk.

Ark Life : Some Unheroic Hill : The Dream of You and Me (2014)
-          Debut album.
-          Led by Jesse Elliott, formerly of These United States.
-          Bringing a catchier, more familiar classic folk rock sound.

Nathaniel Rateliff : Closer (single) (2014)
-          Latest single.
-          Great singer/songwriter of powerfully emotional folk.
-          Also heads up the vintage soul group Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.

Sun Kil Moon : The Possum (single) (2014)
-          Latest single.
-          Released an excellent 6th album, Benji, earlier this year.
-          One of the most distinctive voices in independent music.
-          Gorgeous mellow rock with his trademark sleepy vocals.

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