Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The U & U Show 373 | More Foxygen & Perfume Genius

Perfume Genius : Grid : Too Bright (2014)
-       3rd full length
-       Best song of 2014 so far.
-       This track burst out away from the delicate, piano-only tracks that filled most of his first 2 LPs.
-       Project led by Mike Hadreas.

Spoon : The Rent I Pay : They Want My Soul (2014)
-          8th album.
-          First album since the band found success teaming up with Dan Boeckner in the Divine Fits.
-          One of the most prominent and critically acclaimed indie bands of the past 20 years.

Ty Segall : Stick Around : Manipulator (2014)
-       7th solo album. Double album.
-       The once obscure SF garage rock master is now one of the biggest faces of the rock music scene now.
-       Mix of the sounds he put forth on 3 different albums in 2013.

King Tuff : Danger In The Dark (Prod. Harry Fraud) (2014)
-       Special single release with Captain Morgan.
-       3rd full length album, Black Moon Spell, was just announced.
-       out of the Vermont
-       psychadelic/powerpop/rock… a little like T Rex vocals
-       His self-titled 2nd album was one of 2012's best albums.

Foxygen : Cosmic Vibrations : … And Star Power (2014)
-       3rd full length.
-       Their 2nd, We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic, was my 2nd favorite of 2014.
-       Funkier Rolling Stones feel.

Nicholas Allbrook : 100 k's 'round Carmel : Ganough, Wallis & Fatuna (2014)
-          Debut solo album
-          Former touring bassist for Tame Impala
-          Leader of POND and in Allbrook/Avery, which is another Tame Impala/POND spin off band
-          This collective of Perth musicians is making some of the greatest psych rock currently.

Benjamin Booker : Kids Never Growing Older : Benjamin Booker (2014)
-       Forthcoming debut LP
-       Sounds like it’s even just demo quality, but the potential for something good is definitely there.
-       Best of SXSW 2014

Modest Mouse : White Lies, Yellow Teeth : Lonesome Crowded West (Deluxe Reissue) (1997/2014)
-       One of 2 forthcoming reissues from early in their collection.
-       2nd album or 5.
-       One of the greatest influential bands of this era. 

Twerps : Consecutive Seasons : Underlay EP (2014)
-          Latest EP, 2nd one since their superb 2011 debut LP
-          Australian spacey indie pop.
-          Their newer songs have featured more singers, but this one remains the best.

TV On The Radio : Happy Idiot : Seeds (2014)
-          First single from forthcoming 5th album.
-          Groundbreaking, genre-creating sound they brought from the begin.

Seltzer Boys : Outlook (2014)
-          One of 3 demos out so far.
-          Band featuring members of Suckers, Yeasayer and Delicate Steve.
-          Just played their 2nd live show ever.

Operators : Ancient : EP1 (2014)
-          Self-released debut EP from Dan Boeckner’s (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs & Divine Fits) latest project.
-          I just attended their ‘5th or 6th’ concert and it came off like a big blend of LCD Soundsystem and Handsome Furs.

Hiss Golden Messenger : Chapter & Verse (Ione's Song) : Lateness of Dancers (2014)
-          Just announced 4th album that sounds more polished than anything else they’ve done.
-          3rd album, Bad Debt, was their latest and most stripped back, almost demo quality, warm tracks.
-          ‘Jesus Shot Me In the Head’ is their highlight track to date.

J Mascis : Trailing Off : Tied to a Star (2014)
-          Latest solo album
-          Latest solo album was 2011's brilliant Several Shades of Why.
-          Dinosaur Jr. leader, but I think I like him better in this role.

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