Friday, November 1, 2013

The U & U Show 339 | Halloween 2013!

Tom Waits : Filipino Box Spring Hog : Mule Variations (1999)
-          12th full length
-          One of his darkest, most off-beat, and most jarring albums.

The Cadillacs : Boogie Man
-          50's & 60's Harlem rock'n'roll doo-wop group.
-          Spookier halloween themed track.

Arcade Fire : Here Comes the Night Time : Reflektor (2013)
-          4th full length
-          Produced by James Murphy and this track sounds like it especially.
-          David Bowie also contributed to the album.
-          This release is going to further propel them into being one of the indie bands with the most mainstream success.

Son Lux : Pyre : Lanterns (2013)
-          3rd full length.
-          Project led by Ryan Lott. Collaborator with Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire.

Moonface : Love the House You're In : Julia With Blue Jeans On (2013)
-          3rd full length album from this Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade & Sunset Rubdown) project.
-          Debut, Heartbreaking Bravery, was my pick for best album of 2012.
-          This is album is a solo piano effort.

Nick Cave : Song of Joy : Murder Ballads (1996)
-          9th album
-          One of Cave’s best and darkest albums
-          Album is all about crimes of passion.
-          Cave's latest releases were two with side project Grinderman.

Frog Eyes : Seven Daughters : Carey’s Cold Spring (2013)
-          8th album.
-          Eclectic and innovative alt indie rock band led by Carey Mercer.
-          Spencer Krug (Sunset Rubdown, Wolf Parade, Moonface) was a former member.
-          Most similar to the sound of Sunset Rubdown.

The Black Angels : Bad Vibrations : Phosphene Dream (2010)
-          3rd album from the ominous psych rockers.
-          Formed in 2004 in Austin, TX
-          Interesting feel to it… similar to some of the Black Keys more eerie songs
-          Debut Self Titled EP was released in 2005. 2nd full length out in 2008

Cass McCombs : Joe Murder : Big Wheel and Others (2013)
-          7th album.
-          Latest since 2011's Wit's End and Humor Risk.
-          Blew me away with the track 'The Executioner's Song' on the album Catacomb.

Weaves : Take A Dip (2013)
-          One of only a couple songs released since forming in 2013. This is by far the best.
-          Toronto band led by Jasmyn Burke, formerly of Rat Tail.

Diane Coffee : Never Lonely : My Friend Fish (2013)
-          Debut full length from Foxygen’s drummer Shaun Fleming.
-          The second member of the wildly vintage psych band to test the solo waters.

Dirty Beaches : Lone Runner : Lone Runner/Stye Eye Single (2011)
-          Dark, slow burning psych rock.
-          RIYL: The Black Angels, Nick Cave,  Puerto Rico Flowers.
-          Leftover Halloween show track.

Lou Reed : Last Great American Whale : New York (1989)
-       15th solo album.
-       Lou Reed just died earlier this week at 71.
-       Brilliant mind responsible for the Velvet Underground.

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