Thursday, December 6, 2012

The U & U Show 298!

Thee Oh Sees : Hang A Picture : Putrifiers II (2012)
-          6th studio album
-          San Fran band offering up a huge range of styles, but psych rock most frequently.
-          Started by John Dwyer as a casual project that developed into something much larger.
-          On a lot of best of 2012 lists.

Tyvek : Little Richard : On Triple Beams (2012)
-          4th album
-          The band I regret missing at CMJ.
-          Aggressive and refreshingly diverse punk rock band.

Warm Soda : Spell Bound (2012)
-          One of the first tracks out from the project started by Matthew Melton formerly of Bare Wires
-          Very similar vibe to Bare Wires
-          Slogan on BandCamp: 'JUST SAY NO to SXSW 2013' referencing Bare Wires' break up.

William J Le Petomane : The Moon King (2012)
-          Very hard to Google classic psych rock songwriter from the Netherlands
-          I cant find anything really other than a bunch of songs posted on his SoundCloud.
-          Goes by WJLP as well.
-          RIYL: The Beatles, Old Pink Floyd, Tame Impala.

Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn : All My People Go : Pieces We Are EP (2012)
-          Collaborative EP
-          Orchestral folk.

Dreamend : My Old Brittle Bones : So I Ate Myself, Bite By Bite… (2010)
Dreamend : The Face On the Tinytype : … And the Tears Washed Me, Wave after Cowardly Wave (2012)
-          4th & 5th full lengths that are more intended to be single double album.
-          Very experimental freak folk OR ‘Murder Folk/Haunted Country’ if you go by their description.
-          A side project from a member of the enigmatic Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Sufjan Stevens : Lumberjack Christmas/No One Can Save You From Christmases Past : Silver & Gold (2012)
-          This is the final and highlight track of this 5 EP, 58 song, Christmas box set.
-          This gives him an even 10 Christmas albums full of classics and originals.
-          I don't listen to any other holiday music anymore.

Fang Island : Sisterly : Major (2012)
-          2nd album
-          Brooklyn via Rhode Island progressive indie rock band
-          They write some extremely catchy and immediate anthems.
-          RIYL Slam Donahue

Fletcher C. Johnson : Messin’ Up My Mind : Salutations (2012)
-          2nd album.
-          One album out in 2010.

Matt Pond : Love To Get Used : The Lives Inside the Lines In Your Hand (2013)
-          First album as just Matt Pond
-          Formerly of Matt Pond PA
-          This is a poppier take on the usual echo-y chamber pop Matt Pond PA was known for.
-          His vocals always have a resonant warm quality to them.
-          Download the track for free HERE.

Ceremony : The Doldrums (Friendly City) : Rohnert Park
-          3rd album of 4
-          Hardcore post-punk rock band from San Fran

DIIV : Doused : Oshin (2012)
-          Debut album
-          Blend of new-wave, dream pop and even some heavier shoegaze. They have a definite 80’s feel to them.
-          Getting huge praise for this album. On a lot of Best of 2012 lists.
-          Formerly called Dive

Lou Reed : Street Hassle : Street Hassle (1978)
-          8th solo album.
-          This album was shook off the gritty glam rock a bit and took aim at something bigger.
-          That's Bruce Springsteen contributing a verse at the end as well. He was in the process of recording his greatest album (in my opinion), Darkness On the Edge of Town.

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