Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The U & U Show 299! That's Almost 300!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds : We Kno Who U R : Push the Sky Away (2013)

-          15th studio album
-          Most recent was 2008’s ‘Dig, Lazarus! Dig!!!’ and then his two Grinderman albums.
-          Like a few artists out there, like Lou Reed and Tom Waits, he has a huge cult following and a unique/distinct sound.

Fletcher C. Johnson : Send Me Your Love : Salutations (2012)
-          2nd album.
-          One album out in 2010.
-          New project involving a former member of King Tuff

Thee Oh Sees : Flood's New Light : Putrifiers II (2012)
-          6th studio album
-          San Fran band offering up a huge range of styles, but psych rock most frequently.
-          Started by John Dwyer as a casual project that developed into something much larger.
-          On a lot of best of 2012 lists.

Lace Curtains : Bedroom Honesty : The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness (2012)
-          Debut album
-          Big Velvet Underground sound.

Marnie Stern : Year of the Glad : The Chronicles of Marnia (2013)
-          4th album. Out in March 2013
-          Her previous album was a 2010 Best of the U & U.
-          A wild mix of the joyous unpredictability of Ponytail and the harder Yeah Yeah Yeahs tracks.
-          The band I'm most excited to see play SXSW 2013 of the announced acts so far.

Guards : Silver Lining : In Guards We Trust (2013)
-          Debut full length
-          Their BandCamp is loaded with previously released singles and EPs.

The Cave Singers : Have to Pretend : Naomi (2013)
-          4th album. Out in March of 2013
-          interesting, dark brand of folk
-          out of Seattle
-          Formerly on Matador Records, now with powerhouse Indiana label Jagjaguwar.

Fiona Apple : Werewolf : The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (2012)
-          Highly touted, first album in years.
-          Incredibly powerful vocal performance on this album.

The Spyrals : Evil Kind : The Spyrals (2012)
-          Debut full length.
-          Garage blues rock that will help fill in the space between Black Angels albums.

DIIV : (Druun) : Oshin (2012)
-          Debut album
-          Blend of new-wave, dream pop and even some heavier shoegaze. They have a definite 80’s feel to them.
-          Getting huge praise for this album. On a lot of Best of 2012 lists.
-          Formerly called Dive

Wymond Miles : Singing the Ending : Under the Pale Moon (2012)
-          Debut full length
-          One of many superb acts on Sacred Bones Records.

The Bridges : Travelin' Man (2012)
-          Latest single available for download if you Like them on their Facebook page.
-          They have a handful of other minor releases on their BandCamp site.

Tyvek : Scaling : On Triple Beams (2012)
-          4th album
-          The band I regret missing at CMJ.
-          Aggressive and refreshingly diverse punk rock band.

Desaparecidos : MariKKKopa : MariKKKopa b/w Backsell (single) (2012)
-          First single since their recent reformation.
-          Connor Oberst's (Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk) first band.

Big Ups : Shut Your Mouth : Wake Up (single) (2012)
-          3 song single from this NYC punk rock band
-          Were outstanding,  wildly energetic openers for FIDLAR.

Sigur Ros : VarĂșĂ° : Valtari (2012)
-          6th full length. Also an excellent documentary and a live album.
-          Unique, powerful, orchestral Icelandic band.
-          Lyrics are usually big for me to get into a band, but here, the fact I can’t understand them gives their music a certain mystique.

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