Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The U & U Show 297!

Bare Wires : Impossible Things : Idle Dreams (2012)
-          4th and final album.
-          T. Rex styled, fuzzy, rolling, raunchy 70’s rock.
-          Broke up at SXSW 2012. I thankfully saw their final performance

Warm Soda : Reaction (2012)
-          One of the first tracks out from the project started by Matthew Melton formerly of Bare Wires
-          Very similar vibe to Bare Wires
-          Slogan on BandCamp: 'JUST SAY NO to SXSW 2013' referencing Bare Wires' break up.

Guards : Coming True : In Guards We Trust (2013)
-          Debut full length
-          Their BandCamp is loaded with previously released singles and EPs.

Twerps : Who Are You : Twerps (2011)
-          Debut Album
-          A spacey brand of indie pop.
-          CMJ 2012

Line & Circle : Roman Ruins : Roman Ruins/Carelessness 7' (2012)
-          Debut single.
-          I want to time travel my way into an 80's coming of age movie and crank this song up while driving a convertible up the California coast. Very specific, but it'd be the perfect song.
-          I seriously typed that before the actual video! I was close!

Francisco The Man : Tiger : Tiger/Broken Arrows 7" (2012)
-          3rd of 3 singles released.
-          Big blend of styles… shoegaze, garage, pop rock.

William J Le Petomane : The Moon King (2011)
-          Very hard to Google classic psych rock songwriter from the Netherlands
-          I cant find anything really other than a bunch of songs posted on his SoundCloud.
-          Goes by WJLP as well.

Sam Flax : Backwards Fire : Age Waves (2012)
-          Debut full length. One EP out as well.
-          Catchy, fuzzy, eclectic psych rock.
-          For fans of Kurt Vile's heavier tracks.

Prince Rupert's Drops : Plague Ride : Run Slow (2012)
-          Debut album
-          Vintage 60's psych rock
-          Named after the tadpole-shaped glass that results after you drip molten glass into cold water.

The Electric Mainline : Let Me Drift Away : All Too Much (2011)
-          Debut EP
-          huge modern psych rock sound.
-          Take their name from a Spiriualized song.

Sufjan Stevens : Christmas In the Room : Silver & Gold (2012)
-          This is the final and highlight track of this 5 EP, 58 song, Christmas box set.
-          This gives him an even 10 Christmas albums full of classics and originals.
-          I don't listen to any other holiday music anymore.

Asaf Avidan : Weak : Avidan In A Box (2012)
-          Live acoustic album.
-          4 total LPs.
-          Hugely popular Israeli rock/folk-rock artist.
-          His vocals are reminiscent of Janis Joplin.

Frightened Rabbit : Dear Chicago (Ryan Adams cover) (2012)
-          Their most recent song as they get set to put out their new full length, Pedestiran Verse, in early 2013.
-          2 EPs released since their last full length (2010's The Winter of Mixed Drinks).
-          Midnight Organ Fight is their best to date.
-          Scottish accent stands out, but there seems to be something more than that to his vocals and make them truly unique.

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