Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Unknown & Unheard Show 260! The 5 Year Anniversary!

Plants & Animals - Lightshow - The End of That (2012)
-          5th album
-          Montreal band.
-          La La Land, their 4th, was excellent catchy pop rock.
-          Best song of the week!

Howlin Rain – Phantom In the Valley - The Russian Wilds (2012)
-          3rd album
-          2nd album, Magnificent Fiend, was out in 2008.
-          Jagjaguwar band.
-          Most energy of any live show I’ve ever seen.

Shearwater – Breaking the Yearlings - Animal Joy (2012)
-          7th album
-          6th album, Golden Archipelago was out in Feb of 2010
-          they pack so much intensity in their songs. No one sounds quite like them.
-          Austin band with ties to Okkervil River
-          Almost a voice you’d expect at the opera
-          Palo Santo is their best album.
-          This is the most frantic track I’ve ever heard by them.
-          Almost sounds like the band Wilderness here which would normally sound like a ridiculous comparison. Hooray for the evolution and open mindedness of musicians.

Mark Lanegan Band - The Gravedigger's Song - Blues Funeral (2012)
-          Forthcoming effort from Mark Lanegan.
-          Man of many projects and styles… most of them dark.
-          Initially the leader of Seattle grunge band Screaming Trees.
-          Former member of QOTSA
-          Collaborations with: Greg Dulli in the Gutter Twins; Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell; Soulsavers.

Pterodactyl - Esses - Pterodactyl (2007)
-          Debut album of 3.
-          Jagjaguwar band. A label that I find myself sampling from continually.
-          Brooklyn band.

John McCauley - Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant - Rollo & Grady Sessions (2011)
-          Original Christmas song written with his band Diamond Rugs that now ranks as one of my favorites.
-          Performed for a Rollo and Grady Session and available for download.
-          Rollo and Grady is a blog that may be the one that best fits the styles I enjoy and try to promote.
-          Best known as the leader of Deer Tick, but also in Middle Brother and Diamond Rugs.

These United States - The Angels' Share - Fuel/Friends Chapel Sessions (2011)
-          This is an unreleased track recorded during an I Am Fuel. You Are Friends Session
-          4 albums out so far.
-          Jesse Elliot, lead singer, writes some fantastic lyrics to go along with the layered Americana progressions.
-          This is the first band I ever met and befriended thanks to the show.

Langhorne Slim – Nobody But You - DayTrotter Session (2008)
-          4 full lengths out currently, with a 5th coming out soon.
-          His self-titled second blew me away.
-          the best folk singer/songwriter out there for my money.
-          DayTrotter was one of the first sites that I found early on and loved. The feature a live session from a new artist every single day! Unfortunately they’ve recently changed a lot and started charging.

The National – Fake Empire – Boxer (2007)
-          U & U best album for 2007
-          Latest full length album was High Violet. First since 2007
-          They also had a hand in the production of the ‘Dark Was The Night’ compilation.
-          Played an amazing show last week in Chicago with Wye Oak and Local Natives.
-          Lead singer Matt Berninger has a powerful, fatherlike onstage presence.

Cold War Kids - Something Is Not Right With Me (Richard Swift remix) -
-          Song taken from their 2nd of 3 albums, Loyalty To Loyalty.
-          Richard Swift is a favorite of the U & U and imposes his will on this track here found on RCRDLBL.
-          RCRDLBL is a site I check weekly. It features a tremendously diverse range of styles from rap, remixes, folk, rock and metal. Pretty much everything. Great place to sample a bigger variety of styles you my not find on more style-specific blogs/sites. Tons of free downloads.

AgesandAges - So So Freely - Alright You Restless (2011)
-          Rolling energetic rock.
-          This is a band I found thanks to another favorite blog, Side One: Track One. They actually chose this as their favorite song of the 2011.

Wooden Wand - Wither Away - Briarwood Virgins (2011)
-          James Jackson Toth's project's latest album
-          Also released music as WAND after his band left him.
-          He conducted a pretty awesome fundraiser for this album. Check it out here!

Quilt - Cowboys In The Void - Quilt (2011)
-          Debut Full length. 3 singles out as well.
-          Psychedelic ‘70s folk.
-          Reminds me of White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.
-          BandCamp might be the greatest site for music in years. It offers artists and clean and simple presentation of their music. You could seriously get lost on here for days and days.

Yeasayer – No Need To Worry/Redcave - La Blogotheque Session (2008)
-          This two song suite makes up one half of their brilliant La Blogotheque session.
-          Immensely layered quintet
-          La Blogotheque features beautifully shot, intimate live performances set in unusual places. They have this great feeling of spontaneity to them. I was lucky enough to meet these guys and catch a set of performances in Austin at SXSW.

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