Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Unknown and Unheard Show 253! Halloween!

Mark Lanegan - On the Steps of the Cathedral - Here Comes That Weird Chill EP (2003) 
Mark Lanegan - Wish You Well - Here Comes That Weird Chill EP (2003)
-          EP that led into the release of his 6th and final solo album.
-          Man of many projects and styles… most of them dark.
-          Initially the leader of Seattle grunge band Screaming Trees.
-          Member of QOTSA
-          Collaborations with: Greg Dulli in the Gutter Twins; Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell; Soulsavers.

Tom Waits – Hell Broke Luce – Bad As Me (single) (2011)
-          17th album and 1st since 2004. Album teaser video
-          One of the most prolific, innovative and talented songwriters ever.
-          First new music since 2006’s triple album release.
-          Also an actor.
-          Give me his first three albums and a desert island.

The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream – Phosphene Dream (2010)
-          3rd album from the ominous psych rockers.
-          Formed in 2004 in Austin, TX
-          Interesting feel to it… similar to some of the Black Keys more eerie songs
-          Debut Self Titled EP was released in 2005. 2nd full length out in 2008

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible – Neon Bible (2007)
-          sophomore album
-          great song that fits the holiday… eerie feel
-          more accessible follow up to brilliant, but further out there debut
-          Go French Canada!

Timber Timbre –There Is a Cure - Medicinals (2007)
-          Debut album. Released 2 since.
-          M. Ward + Bon Iver + Tom Waits’ ‘What’s He Building In There?’
-          Eerily cool spooky tracks.
-          Toronto duo

Emperor X – Allahu Akbar – Western Teleport (2011)
-          5th album.
-          Former HS science teacher.
-          RIYL: Mountain Goats & Death Cab for Cutie

Black Keys – When the Lights Go Out – Rubber Factory (2004)
-          3rd album
-          one of the eeriest songs I’ve ever heard
-          latest sounds the most affected by outside/big label influence, but still good

The Kills – Ticket Man - No Wow (2005)
-          2nd album of 4. Latest, Blood Pressures, was out in 2011.
-          Detroit rock duo. Dark, hard rock.
-          The female half, Allison Mosshart is in the Dead Weather with Jack White.
-          Played SXSW

The Ghost Wolves - Gonna Live - In Ya Neck (2011)
-          Big Black Keys/Kills/White Stripes vibes here.
-          Austin band

The Black Belles - Lies - What Can I Do? Single (2011)
-          Dark/noir style blues rock from the all-female Third Man Records' group.

The King Khan Experience - I Got Love - The King Khan Experience (2011)
-          Latest solo album. Been a long time coming.
-          Long time collaborator with Marc Sultan (AKA the BBQ Show)
-          One of my all-time favorite artists. The Supreme Genius of King Khan and His Shrines is one of the greatest albums.

Deer Tick - The Bump - Divine Providence (2011)
-          4th album
-          The leader of Deer Tick, John McCauley, has been working on the Middle Brother collaborative project recently and making some brilliant music there.
-          This is their first new recording in about 2 years as their 3rd album was recorded during the sessions for their 2nd.
-          The is the first single from the forthcoming album and has an easier feel that is more reminiscent of Middle Brother than the older Deer Tick stuff.

Bombadil - One Whole Year - All That the Rain Promises (2011)
-          3rd album.
-          North Carolina Band.
-          Catchy folk pop/rock

JEFF the Brotherhood - Whatever I Want - Whatever I Want Single (2011)
-          4th album, We Are Champions, was out in earlier this year.
-          Jake & Jamin Orrall
-          Kraut punk rock. Harder, eclectic rock.
-          Played SXSW and they lead singer & guitarist came out into the crowd, right in front of me and played a solo from his knees for me!


Nick Cave – Death Is Not the End – Murder Ballads (1996)
-          9th album
-          One of Cave’s best and masterfully dark albums
-          One of the best received critically albums.
-          All about crimes of passion… Stagger Lee is a great un-airable song.
-          Cave's latest release was with side project Grinderman.

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