Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Unknown & Unheard Show 233!!! (mp3)

Dawes - Little Bit of Everything - Nothing Is Wrong (2011)
-          2nd album out yesterday.
-          By far the best song I’ve heard from them. Reminds me of ‘My Sweet Carolina’ by Ryan Adams.
-          Led by Taylor Goldsmith, who is also 1/3 of the folk supergroup Middle Brother.

Deer Tick – Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran Cover)
-          3rd album
-          Rambling folk duet. A bit of Dylan coming through

Black Lips – Go Out and Get It – Arabia Mountain (2011)
-          6th album.
-          One of the most fun bands to listen to and see live.
-          Sloppy garage rock.

Mister Heavenly - Pineapple Girl - Out of Love (2011)
-          Debut single from forthcoming full length debut.
-          the latest in what's becoming a long line of big indie names collaborating.
-          Features Nick Thorburn (Islands/The Unicorns), Ryan Kattner (Man Man), and Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse).

Country Mice - Morning Sun - Twister (2011)
-          Debut album
-          Folk rock outfit that formerly went by We Are Country Mice.

White Denim – If You’re Changing - D (2011)
-          5th album. They are continually changing their sound and evolving.
-          They did an Impromptu album of demos last summer: Download for free right now!
-          Played SXSW
-          Workout Holiday was their debut and still their best.
-          Playing the Rock Lobster in Indy Wednesday, June 29th.

My Morning Jacket – Victory Dance – Circuital (2011)
-          6th album
-          Probably the most notable Louisville band going.
-          Led by and known for Jim James on lead vocals.
-          Playing the Lawn at White River this summer.

Superhumanoids – Mikelah - Mikelah 7" (2011)
-          Latest 7" single.
-          Debut full length was out last year.
-          Features male and female lead vocals that make you think a little of the New Pornographers, just a little heavier music

Iron & Wine – Freedom Hangs Like Heaven - Woman King EP (2005)
-          This EP was the last release before for his latest two LPs ‘Kiss Each Other Clean’ & 'The Sheppard's Dog' which were significantly more filled out than anything he’s done previously.
-          Sam Beam: Singer/Songwriter from Florida
-          Started recording in 2002

Horse Feathers – Working Poor – House With No Home (2008)
-          2nd album of 3.
-          If you like this band check out Rosemont Family Reunion
-          Blown away by live performance… a unique experience only rivaled by Iron & Wine
-          The songs are played so softly the crowd is almost silent focused on the music.
-          See them this Sunday at Radio Radio in Indianapolis.

Smog - Chosen One - Julius Ceasar (1993)
-          Debut album from Bill Callahan's first band.
-          They were heavily embedded in the lo-fi movement in the early 90's

Mars Classroom - New Theory - New Theory of Everything (2011)
-          Debut effort from yet another Robert Pollard side project.
-          Feels a lot like Guided By Voices, his recently reunited main act.

WATERS - For the One - Out In the Light (2011)
-          Forthcoming debut album. Out 9/20.
-          New project led by Van Pierszalowski (previously of Port O'Brien).

Le Corbeau - Black Belvedere - Moth On The Headlight (2011)
-          A collaboration between members of Sereena Maneesh and
A Place
to Bury Strangers.
-          Dark noir rock.

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