Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The U & U Show 402 | So Many Big Names w/ New LPs

Tame Impala : 'Cause I'm A Man : Currents (2015)
-          First single from forthcoming 3rd LP.
-          By far the most dance-y track to date. Sounds more like Daft Punk than their previous music.
-          Innerspeaker & Lonerism have been two of the best Beatles-leaning vintage psych rock albums of the past few years.
-          One of the leading forces of the Perth, AUS psych rock scene.

Sufjan Stevens : The Only Thing : Carrie and Lowell (2015)
-          I believe it's officially his forthcoming 6th album, but he's also but out numerous other compilations and releases from side projects.
-          One of the most talented musicians that I've been able to enjoy every step of the way.
-          This first teaser sounds like a hope-elevating return to his early stripped back folk days.


Palma Violets : English Tongue : Danger In The Club (2015)
-          2nd album
-          Their 2013 debut was one of the years most highly regarded albums.
-          UK band that makes catchy, chugging anthem rock.
-          Highest energy band at SXSW 2015.

Sheer Mag : Sit and Cry : Sheer Mag 7" (2015)
-          Debut EP available on BandCamp.
-          Latest single, Button Up, is their best song to date.
-          Awesome blend of punk and catchy vintage rock and roll.
-          One of the best bands at SXSW 2015.

Damaged Bug : The Mirror : Cold Hot Plumbs (2015)
-          2nd LP
-          Solo moniker for Thee Oh Sees frontman John Dwyer.
-          Debut album, Hubba Bubba, was out in 2014.
-          Less amped up and aggressive, synth-heavy psych rock weirdness.

Faith Healer : Again : Cosmic Troubles (2015)
-          Debut album.
-          Amid all of this year's big name new LP's this is a contender for my favorite.
-          Led by Jessica Jalbert, who has one solo album out as well, Brother Loyola.
-          Big time sound of Velvet Underground & Nico sound.
-          Edmonton pop/rock duo.

Courtney Barnett : An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York) : Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit (2015)
-          Technically her debut LP.
-          Huge critical success with the re-release of her first two EPs, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas.
-          One of the best bands at SXSW 2015 playing the new album in its entirety.

Ty Segall : Queen Lullabye : Live At Pickathon (2015)
-          Split live EP with King Tuff from their Pickathon sets.
-          Originally from his 2013 album Sleeper.
-          7th solo album, Manipulator was a highlight of 2014.
-          The once obscure SF garage rock master is now one of the biggest faces of the rock music scene now.

Waxahatchee : The Dirt : Ivy Tripp (2015)
-          Powerful, feedback-heavy opener from her 3rd full length.
-          Project from Kate Crutchfield. Twin sister of Swearin's Allison Crutchfield.
-          Her 2nd album, 2013's Cerulean Salt, was one of the year's best.
-          Debut was lo-fi and a rougher DIY style album.
-          Played a series of stripped back solo shows with only her twin sister, Allison of Swearin', on backup vocals at SXSW 2015.

The Mountain Goats : Choked Out : Beat The Champ (2015)
-          Pro wrestling-themed 15th album.
-          Led by John Darnielle.
-          Continually (and deservedly) considered one of the best lyricists in music.
-          Thoughtful, poignant, brutal, and self-evisceratingly honest.

Ezra Furman : Restless Year (2015)
-          Forthcoming, not yet named, 2nd solo LP.
-          Formerly recorded as Ezra Furman & the Harpoons.
-          Brother of KRILL's leader Jonah Furman.
-          Longtime show favorite.

Modest Mouse : Wicked Campaign : Strangers to Ourselves (2015)
-          6th album and first in 8 years.
-          Led by Isaac Brock.
-          Just re-released their first two albums at the end of 2014.
-          One of the best bands of the 2000's

Pfarmers : The 'Ol River Gang : Gunnera (2015)
-          Debut LP
-          Collab band between Menomena's Danny Seim & members of The National & David Byrne.
-          Sounds a ton like Menomena's older stuff and that's a very good thing!

Algiers : Black Eunuch : Algiers (2015)
-          Forthcoming debut LP
-          Just released their first track from their forthcoming debut in Jan 2015.
-          Only 2 singles out previously and many of those songs will be on this LP.
-          My newest, biggest and hardest band crush.

Marching Church : King Of Song : The World Is Not Enough (2015)
-          Debut LP.
-          Side project of Iceage's lead singer, Elias
-          Very cool live sound as they featured 2 saxophones even more heavily than the album.
-          Played with Alex Zhang of Dirty Beaches and really showcased Zhang's talent.

Ryley Walker : Sweet Satisfaction : Primrose Green (2015)
-          2nd album.
-          Lush British folk that reminded me a ton of Clapton at SXSW 2015
-          Dead Oceans label.

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