Tuesday, September 23, 2014

U & U Show 375 | New Favorite Album & Song

Perfume Genius : Fool : Too Bright (2014)
-       3rd full length
-       Best song of 2014 so far.
-       This track burst out away from the delicate, piano-only tracks that filled most of his first 2 LPs.
-       Project led by Mike Hadreas.

OnlyReal : Cadillac Girl : Cadillac Girl 7" (2014)
-       2nd single from forthcoming debut full length. Due out in 2015.
-       One of only several songs they've released.
-       Vocalist over a blend of super catchy classic indie rock and electronic music.
-       23 yr old Niall Galvin bedroom project.

Twerps : Recall : Work It Out EP (2013)
-          First EP of 2 since their superb 2011 debut LP. Underlay EP is their latest.
-          Spacey Australian indie-pop.
-          Their newer songs have featured more singers, but this one remains the best.

Black Lizard : Burning : Burning EP (2014)
-          Latest EP. Debut LP out in 2013.
-          Fuzzy, stoner blues psych rock.
-          RIYL the Black Angels.

Heart-Ships : Undress Me To The Bone : Foil (2014)              
-       First single of forthcoming debut LP.
-       Debut EP, EP1 was a highlight of 2013.
-       Reminiscent of Modest Mouse and Frog Eyes.

King Tuff : Headbanger : Black Moon Spell (2014)
-          3rd full length album
-          out of the Vermont
-          psychadelic/powerpop/rock… a little like T Rex vocals
-          His self-titled 2nd album was one of 2012's best albums.

Krill : Peanut Butter : Split EP (2014)
-          First track off a forthcoming split EP.
-          Latest release was the Steve Hears Pile In Malden and Bursts Into Tears EP out earlier this year.
-          2013’s Lucky Leaves was their 2nd full length.
-          Debut album, Alam No Hris, was out in 2011
-          Led by Ezra Furman's brother Jonah.

The Replacements : Androgynous : Let It Be (1983)
-       3rd album of 7.
-       Currently on a sporadic reunion tour.
-       Played with Deer Tick and the Hold Steady at Forrest Hills this past weekend.

Bruce Springsteen : Atlantic City : Nebraska (1982)
-          6th album and first solo acoustic.
-          Originally recorded as a set of demos with lo-fi recording production.
-          One of the greatest, under-stated albums of all-time.

Jack Ingram : Driving All Night Long (Bruce Robison Cover) : Black Dog OST (1998)
-       This is one of my favorite random covers I’ve had on my computer forever, but just recently figured out it was not Ryan Adams.
-       Jack Ingram is  primarily a country musician who released 7 albums between 1995-2009.
-       Bruce Robison had a similar run releasing 9 albums in that time.

Ryan Adams : Trouble : Ryan Adams (2014)
-       Just released self-titled 14th album and first good one since his 8th came out in 2005.
-       Formerly one of my favorite artists, but one that made one of the most stereotypical transitions into make crappy bland music when the major labels fully grabbed ahold of him.
-       He was on Lost Highway records that seemed to be a pretty hands-off small offshoot of Universal (one of the biggest evils), but they progressively became a less reputable and more watered down label.
-       Sobering up and dating Mandy Moore probably didn’t help either.

Moonface : Daughter of a Dove : City Wrecker EP (2014)
-          Follow up EP to the 3rd full length album from this Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade & Sunset Rubdown) project.
-          Features live show favorites left off the latest album.
-          Debut, Heartbreaking Bravery, was my pick for best album of 2012.

Arcade Fire : I’ll Believe In Anything (Wolf Parade cover) (2014)
-       This was a cover they did at their hometown Montreal show this past August.
-       They have always incorporated a lot of covers in their live shows, but during this tour they did a different one every time.

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