Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The U & U Show 346 | This Girl Band's Got Me Excited

James Vincent McMorrow : Cavalier : Post Tropical (2014)
-          2nd LP. One EP as well.
-          More R&B infused album than his previous work.
-          Slightly mellower style of folk that Bon Iver, but definitely some crossover.

Wet : Dreams : Wet EP (2013)
-          Debut EP.
-          Falls somewhere between Fiona Apple’s latest release and the XX.

Hiss Golden Messenger : Drum : Bad Debt (2014)
-          3rd album
-          Features stripped back, almost demo quality, warm tracks.

Sun Kil Moon : Ben’s My Friend : Benji (2014)
-          6th LP
-          First Sun Kil Moon proper album since 2012’s superb LP, Among the Leaves.
-          Led by the most wonderfully sleepy vocals of Mark Kozelek.

Night Beds : Black Box : Night Beds EP (2008)
-          Debut EP
-          Released one of the most gorgeous albums of 2013, Country Sleep.
-          Led by Winston Yellen.

Girl Band : Lawman : Lawman 7” (2014)
-          Latest single from punk rockers out of Ireland.
-          Debut EP, France 98, was out in 2012.
-          One of the more exciting and exhilarating punk rock songs I’ve heard in a long time.

Big Ups : Wool : 18 Hours of Static (2014)
-          Debut LP after a string of rough EPs and singles.
-          This is by far a superior release to any of their previously release music.
-          NYC based, hard, erratic, off beat punk rock. At times they sound a bit like the Pixies at their weirdest and heaviest.
-          Loud and big energy live.

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks : Independence Street : Wig Out at Jagbags (2014)
-          6th album with the Jicks
-          Leader of the incredibly influential indie band Pavement.
-          2008’s Real Emotional Trash is one of my all-time favorite albums.

Withered Hand : Black Tambourine : New Gods (2014)
-          2nd LP. Debut was 2009’s Good News
-          Also had an excellent debut EP in 2008, Religious Songs.

Bobby Bare Jr. : Extra Soggy Daisy : Shame On Me 7” (2014)
-          Latest single featuring his first cover of his father, famous traditional country singer Bobby Bare, and an amped up recording of an early track of his own.
-          Rowdy, self-critical, alt-country.

Twin Peaks : Flavor : Flavor b/w Come Bother Me 7” (2013)
-          Latest single or 2 out so far.
-          Also one full length that was self-released in 2012, but is set for re-release this year.
-          SXSW 2014

Cherry Glazerr : Haxel Princess : Haxel Princess (2014)
-          2nd LP
-          Debut LP, Papa Cremp, was out in 2013.
-          LA band of ladies with music similar to, but sloppier and more lackadaisical than Waxahatchee.

Solids : Fire Works (Just fine) : Generic Dogs EP (2010)
-          Debut EP. Two singles out as well.
-          Debut LP is out in early 2014
-          This is one of the albums I’m most highly anticipating in 2014.
-          Montreal post-punk rock band.. Think Japandroids with less shouting.
-          CMJ 2013

Augustines : Nothing To Lose But Your Head : Augustines (2014)
-          2nd album. Debut was 2011’s Rise Ye Sunken Ships.
-          Band formerly known as We Are Augustines.
-          Soaring indie rock anthems.

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