Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The U & U Show 341 | 2013's Strong Finish

Majical Cloudz : Savage (2013)
-          Latest single and first release since their excellent and haunting 2013 debut, Impersonator.
-          Debut EP was 2012’s Turns Turns Turns.
-          Intense and completely engrossing band I caught as an opener for Youth Lagoon.

Moonface : November 2011 : Julia With Blue Jeans On (2013)
-          3rd full length album from this Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade & Sunset Rubdown) project.
-          Debut, Heartbreaking Bravery, was my pick for best album of 2012.
-          This is album is a solo piano effort.

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks : Lariat : Wig Out at Jagbags (2014)
-          6th album with the Jicks
-          Leader of the incredibly influential indie band Pavement.
-          2008’s Real Emotional Trash is one of my all-time favorite albums.

Quasi : See You On Mars : Mole City (2013)
-          9th album and it’s a double album.
-          Portland indie rock duo, former couple, playing since 1993.

Diane Coffee : Gov T (2013)
-          One off single inspired by our wonderful government from Foxygen’s drummer Shaun Fleming.
-          Debut full length came out recently as well.
-          The second member of the wildly vintage psych band to test the solo waters.

Arcade Fire : Normal Person : Reflektor (2013)
-          4th full length
-          Produced by James Murphy and this track sounds like it especially.
-          David Bowie also contributed to the album.
-          This release is going to further propel them into being one of the indie bands with the most mainstream success.

Shearwater : I Luv the Valley OH!! : Fellow Travelers (2013)
-          9th album.
-          Led by former Okkervil River member, Jonathan Meiburg.
-          This track washes the power showcased in their great album Palo Santo.

Gap Dream : You’re From the Shadow : Shine Your Light (2013)
-          2nd album
-          Catchy, big beat indie rock/pop.
-          Got a bit of hype during the run up to SXSW 2013.

Bill Callahan : Small Plane : Dream River (2013)
-       5th solo album.
-       His 4th, Apocalypse, was one of the best albums of 2011.
-       Former leader of Smog.
-       His voice has so much warm, fatherly power. Fall and winter don’t stand a chance.

Gregory Alan Isakov : Amsterdam : The Weatherman (2013)
-          5th album
-          More traditional-leaning folk singer-songwriter.

Ty Segall : The Man Man : Sleeper (2013)
-          Mellowest album to date.
-          Also readying the debut release from his appropriately named group FUZZ.

Thee Oh Sees : What You Need : Singles Collection Vol 3 (2013)
-          A collection of tracks off singles and other minor releases.
-          Prolific San Fran garage psych from John Dwyer.
-          Their latest, Floating Coffin , is one of the best psych rock albums of the year.

Jack Name : Pure Terror : Light Show (2013)
-          Debut single.
-          Tour guitarist for garage punks White Fence.

Los Angeles Police Department : Enough Is Enough : LAPD (2013)
-          Debut LP.
-          Lazily rolling rock.
-          Full length is supposed to be on its way.

The Hunt : Fifteen Minutes (2013)
-          This was a track recorded in 2009 by the band now known as Cult of Youth.
-          The 100th release from the continually impressive Sacred Bones record label.
-          Soaring tempo-shifting track with an 80’s feel to the vocals.

Solids : Traces : Blame Confusion (2014)
-          Debut LP,
-          Three minor releases leading up to this release.
-          Montreal post-punk rock band.. Think Japandroids with less shouting.
-          CMJ 2013

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