Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The U & U Show 318!

Mikal Cronin : Piano Mantra : MCII (2013)
-          S/t solo debut out in 2011.
-          Album is produced by fellow west coaster, Ty Segall.
-          Also in a surf-punk band called the Moonhearts & Ty Segall's backing band, just like Ty's in Mikal's band.

Sunset Rubdown : Us Ones In Between : Shut Up I Am Dreaming… (2006)
-          2nd, of 4, albums.
-          Their 4th, 2009's Dragonslayer, was easily one of the best that year.
-          One of Spencer Krug’s many bands.
-          His Latest project, Moonface, had my favorite album of 2012. Heartbreaking Bravery.
-          New solo piano Moonface album in the fall of 2013.
-          Check out one of the most powerfully touching videos for this song HERE.

Heart-Ships : Five Forks of Lightning : EP1 (2013)  
-          Debut EP
-          Reminiscent of Modest Mouse and Frog Eyes.
-          Download this track for free HERE!

Way Yes : Macando : Tog Pebbles (2013)
-          Debut full length.
-          One of the year’s releases I’m most excited for.
-          Walkability, was out in 2012 and featured the hypnotically amazing track 'Important.'
-          If you like this band look up the Listening Party. Also reminiscent of mellower Yeasayer and Yellow Ostrich.
-          CMJ 2012

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. : Habits : Patterns EP (2013)
-          Full length debut out in 2011.
-          Their 2010 debut EP garnered them a lot of good reviews.

Bravestation : All We Have Is Us : IV EP (2013)
-          Debut full length, Signs of the Civilized, was out in 2012.
-          RIYL Yeasayer.
-          The first two tracks on this release are free to download on their BandCamp.

Dune Rats : All You Do : Smile EP (2013)
-          3rd EP. 2 Singles out as well.
-          Sloppy garage, REM-leaning act starting to carve out a name for themselves in a similar way as FIDLAR.
-          Tied for best act of CMJ 2012 with the Grizzled Mighty

Black Lips : Crusing : Garage Swim (2013)
-          Contribution to this Adult Swim compilation of garage bands.
-          Also supposed to be out on their album due out in late 2013.
-          Their latest was 2011's Arabia Mountain and was my favorite album of that year.

Akron/Family : Way Up : Sub Verses (2013)
-          7th album.
-          Wildly eclectic, spacey, experimental folk rock.

Savages : Shut Up : Silence Yourself (2013)
-          Debut full length… Long awaited to say the very least.
-          One of the most buzzed about bands at CMJ 2012.
-          All female post-punk rock from the UK
-          Seriously intense crowd-capturing CMJ 2012 and SXSW 2013 performances.

King Tuff feat. Gap Dream : She's On Fire : Garage Swim (2013)
-          Contribution to this Adult Swim compilation of garage bands.
-          King Tuff's self-titled album was one of 2012's best.
-          Gap Dream is a newer band starting to get a bit of traction as well.
-          SXSW 2013

Hanni El Khatib : Pay No Mind : Head In The Dirt (2013)
-          2nd album produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach
-          One of the rawest, heavy blues rock musicians going.
-          SXSW 2013

Bass Drum of Death : Dregs : Garage Swim (2013)
-          Star-studded compilation put out by Adult Swim
-          Download it all for free HERE!

Tame Impala : Prototype (Oukast cover) (2013)
-          This is one of the more random, cooler covers you’ll ever find.
-          Tame Impala’s 2nd album, Lonerism, was one the best of 2012. Tied for 2nd to be exact.

The Great American Canyon Band : Tumbleweed : Lost At Sea EP (2013)
-          Latest single. Free for download on their BandCamp.
-          Also have released a debut EP.
-          Husband and wife duo from Chicago.
-          Big building folk rock track.
-          CMJ 2012

The National : Sorrow : High Violet (2010)
-          They just played this song 105 consecutive times at the MoMA PS1 here in NYC. I caught the last 3 hours of this 6 hour 15 minute performance.
-          6th album, Trouble Will Find Me, is forthcoming.

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