Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Unknown & Unheard Show 278!

Suckers : Lydia : Candy Salad (2012)
-          2nd full length
-          Eclectic rock that might could be RIYL Wolf Parade or Menomena. (I do)
-          Debut EP and LP each received Best of the U & U honors.
-          SXSW 2012.

Moonface : Quickfire, I Tried : With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery (2012)
-          2nd album. First with Siinai as backing band
-          First full length was out last year, Organ Music.
-          Debut EP was out last year and was one 20+ minute track.
-          Wolf Parade's and Sunset Rubdown's Spencer Krug's solo project.

Ramona Falls : Brevony : Prophet (2012)
-          Led by Brent Knopf, formerly of Menomena.
-          This was the track I was wanting to hear again most after their SXSW performance.
-          SXSW 2012

The Black Angels : I'd Rather Be Lonely : Watch Out Boy b/w I'd Rather Be Lonely 7' (2012)
-          Record Store Day exclusive 7" single
-          One of the greatest performers at SXSW 2011 & 2012
-          Forthcoming album sometime this year
-          First full length album, Passover, came out in 2006
-          Formed in 2004 in Austin, TX
-          Playing Cincinnati Thu, August 9th!

Diamond Rugs : Call Girl Blues : Diamond Rugs (2012)
-          Debut release from garage/folk supergroup featuring Deer Tick's John McCaualey, Ian Saint Pe of the Black Lips and Hardy Morris from Dead Confederate.
-          An appropriately titled first single from a band who says their name is a play on the phase ‘I’m on drugs.’
-          SXSW 2012

Pujol : Reverse Vampire : Reverse Vampire 7" (2012)
-          Record Store Day exclusive 7" single
-          Daniel Pujol. Artist on Jack White's Third Man Records.
-          Rolling Stones vibes from this garage rocker.

Jack White : Missing Pieces : Blunderbuss (2012)
-          Debut solo album
-          First release since he announced the end of the White Stripes.

Father John Misty : I'm Writing a Novel : Fear Fun (2012)
-          J Tillman's debut album under this alias.
-          Former member of the Fleet Foxes who hasn’t really put out any solo work that's impressed me until this album.
-          Big Jason Molina feeling to the slower tracks on this album.
-          SXSW 2012

Field Report : Taking Alcatraz : Field Report (2012)
-          Debut album.
-          Former DeYarmond Edison member… Wisconsin group that spawned Bon Iver and Megafaun.

Leatherbag : Living In the Dark : Ditto Time (2012)
-          Debut EP. 2 Full lengths as well.
-          Austin band
-          2nd band I saw at SXSW 2012 and one that I didn’t know at all going in. Ended up being a favorite.

Ty Segall & White Fence : Time : Hair (2012)
-          First collaborative album
-          San Fran 60’s psych/garage rock leader.

JEFF the Brotherhood : Mind Ride : Heavy Days (2010)
-          3rd album
-          Jake & Jamin Orrall
-          Released a Live 12” for Record Store Day
-          Kraut punk rock. Harder, eclectic rock.
-          Played SXSW and they lead singer & guitarist came out into the crowd, right in front of me and played a solo from his knees for me!

Spiritualized : Get What You Deserve : Sweet Heart Sweet Light (2012)
-          7th album since 1992!
-          first since 2008.
-          Big time success in the UK.

Devin : Forever Is Only a Moment : Romancing (2012)
-          Debut full length.
-          Formerly Devin Therriault.
-          brash 70's style rock

Youth Lagoon : Seventeen : The Year of Hibernation (2011)
-          Debut full length
-          Recorded by 20 yr old Trevor Powers
-          Beachy (at times), spacey indie pop.

Rosie Thomas : Where Were You? (feat. Sufjan Stevens) : Hit & Run Vol. 1 (2012)
-          Record Store Day exclusive release. Split 7" single with Sufjan Stevens.
-          This served as my introduction to Rosie Thomas. Exactly why Record Store Day is so glorious.