Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Unknown & Unheard Show 268! SXSW Preview Show 2 of 6!

Titus Andronicus – A More Perfect Union – The Monitor (2010)
-          Civil War-themed 2nd album
-          Out march 9th
-          Named after the Shakespeare play
-          This is a enjoyably raucous anthem.

Bahamas - Lost In the Light - Barchords (2012)
-          2nd album from Bon Iver-esque artist.
-          SXSW 2012

Dr. Dog – Warrior Man - Be The Void (2012)
-          Forthcoming 6th album
-          Super talented Philly band.
-          Big T. Rex sound throughout this album. I love it!

Chuck Ragan - Wish On the Moon - Covering Ground (2011)
-          4th solo album
-          Best known for his band Hot Water Music.
-          SXSW 2012, Solo and with Hot Water Music.

Fidlar - Oh - DIYDUI EP (2011)
-          1st single from their forthcoming debut.
-          Rough garage rick with a bit of surf rock.
-          SXSW 2012

Diamond Rugs - Gimme A Beer - Diamond Rugs (2012)
-          Debut release from garage/folk supergroup featuring Deer Tick's John McCaualey and Ian Saint Pe of the Black Lips (that’s the guy who produced the Turf War debut album).
-          An appropriately titled first single from a band who says their name is a play on the phase ‘I’m on drugs.’
-          SXSW 2012

John McCauley - Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones cover) - Rollo & Grady Sessions (2012)
-          Performed for a Rollo and Grady Session and available for download.
-          Rollo and Grady is a blog that may be the one that best fits the styles I enjoy and try to promote.
-          Best known as the leader of Deer Tick, but also in Middle Brother and Diamond Rugs.
-          SXSW 2012

Tennis - My Better Self - Young and Old (2012)
-          2nd single out off their 2nd Album
-          Debut LP was out this past January.  Debut EP was out in July of 2010.
-          Pop husband and wife duo.
-          Bought a sailboat and sailed around the east coast for eight months and now are sharing their experiences in song form for you.
-          Played SXSW and playing SXSW 2012

Efterklang - Alike - Magic Chairs (2010)
-          This is a single pulled from the latest tour documentary about this band.
-          Danish band
-          best album so far is Parades.
-          They recorded a stunning live version of that album and called it Performing Parades.

Geographer - Rushing In Rushing Out - Innocent Ghosts (2009)
-          latest release
-          There aren't many out there but this is another band that puts off a sound very reminiscent of Yeasayer and Bravestation.
-          Played SXSW 2011 and playing SXSW 2012

Counting Crows - A Murder of One - August and Everything After (1993)
-          Debut album or 5.
-          This is maybe the band that flipped the music switch inside of me.
-          There are few songs I've listened to more than this one in my life.
-          SXSW 2012

Guadalupe Plata - Satanica - Guadalupe Plata (2011)
-          Debut full length.
-          Spanish band.
-          Incredibly enjoyable Black Keys/White Stripes feel here.
-          SXSW 2012

Mark Lanegan Band - Riot In My House - Blues Funeral (2012)
-          Forthcoming effort from Mark Lanegan.
-          Man of many projects and styles… most of them dark.
-          Initially the leader of Seattle grunge band Screaming Trees.
-          Former member of QOTSA
-          Collaborations with: Greg Dulli in the Gutter Twins; Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell; Soulsavers.

Cloud Nothings - No Future/No Past - Attack on Memory (2011)
-          Band led by 20 year old from Cleveland.
-          Brooding, building track that starts like a Pixies song then explodes into something like that found on a raucous Nirvana track, or some other early 90's grunge act.
-          SXSW 2012

The Darkness - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us (2012)
-          Forthcoming 3rd album. First since 2005
-          The highlight of the Super Bowl!

Golden Bear - Future Blues - Everest EP (2009)
-          Only EP, but has 3 full lengths out.
-          Austin band
-          SXSW 2012

Dead Black Hearts - Ambush! - The Southern Front (2011)
-          2nd EP. Also one full length.
-          SXSW 2012

The Drums – Down by the Water – The Drums (2010)
-          Debut full length.
-          Indie pop duo from NYC
-          SXSW 2012

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