Sunday, February 12, 2012

It was out of line, but it was fun...

With Wolf Parade's & Sunset Rubdown's Spencer Krug set to release a new album under his solo moniker, Moonface, I felt myself craving some Krug... All of the following songs are ones that force me to zone out completely and start singing. Look out conversations with friends and speed limits, you don't stand a chance!

Exhibit #1 : Wolf Parade : I'll Believe In Anything : Apologies To The Queen Mary (2005)
"Give me your eyes. I need sunshine. Your blood your bones your voice and your ghost.'

Exhibit #2 : Sunset Rubdown : Silver Moons : Dragonslayer (2010)
'It was out of line, but it was fun. Didn't you love the part right before the dawn?'

Exhibit #3 : Sunset Rubdown : Dragon's Lair : Dragonslayer (2010)
'You're such a champion.'

Check out the new Moonface track on this coming week's show!

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