Monday, August 15, 2011

The Unknown & Unheard Show 242!

Frightened Rabbit - Fuck This Place - A Frightened Rabbit EP (2011)
-          This is a tour-only EP for their current run with Death Cab For Cutie.
-          This track features Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura.
-          This is one of their greatest tracks, in my opinion. Why hide it away on a tour-only release?
-          4 albums out.
-          Organ Fight is their best to date.
-          Scottish accent stands out, but there seems to be something more than that to his vocals and make them truly unique.

The Mountain Goats – No Children - Tallahassee (2003)
-          7th album of 13.
-          Their last, 'All Eternals Deck' , was out in early 2011 and one of the best of the year.
-          Led by John Darnielle and his unmistakable passionate and powerful vocals.
-          Opened for Bright Eyes last Thursday and this was the highlight track.
-          About as stripped back as I've played on here.

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons – We Should Fight - Inside the Human Body (2008)
-          2nd album. 3rd is forthcoming.
-          One of the most talented and refreshing artists going.
-          Played a great, energetic SXSW set.
-          SEE THIS MAN FRIDAY, AUGUST 19th in Indy for $5!

Langhorne Slim – She’s Gone - Langhorne Slim (2010)
-          3rd full length of 4..
-          His self-titled second blew me away.
-          the best folk singer/songwriter out there for my money.
-          Playing Radio Radio in two weeks for $10!

Yellow Ostrich - Left Behind (Beat Happening cover) - The Mistress (2011)
-          Bonus track from their debut full length
-          Sounds a bit like the Beatles and the White Stripes and even at times Menomena.
-          Very talented vocalist. Uses looping to deeply layer his music.
-          Played SXSW

You Can't Win, Charlie Brown - Sort Of - You Can't Win, Charlie Brown EP (2011)
-          Debut EP
-          Also have a debut full length out entitled ‘Chromatic.’
-          Band from Portugal who takes there name from a Charlie Brown cartoon.

Jim Ward - Broken Songs - Quiet In the Valley, On the Shores of the Darkness (2011)
-          A compilation of 3 EPs, the last of which coincided with this release.
-          Former leader of At the Drive-In a great post punk band out of El Paso during the late 90's/early 00's.
-          This is about as far from that sound as you can get. Mellow, easy, mostly-acoustic alt country. Think Ryan Adams.

Mister Heavenly - Your Girl - Out of Love (2011)
-          2nd single from forthcoming full length debut.
-          the latest in what's becoming a long line of big indie names collaborating.
-          Features Nick Thorburn (Islands/The Unicorns), Ryan Kattner (Man Man), and Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse).
-          This track is included on an incredible free Sub Pop Records sampler.

Richard Swift - Bat Coma Motown – The Atlantic Ocean (2009)
-          4th full length
-          Hops from genre to genre
-          This track has some serious vintage sounds, Motown in particular, and was released on a primer EP that was filled with similar feels.

Risers – Devil’s Game - Risers EP (2011)
-          2nd EP
-          Download it for free from their BandCamp site.
-          RIYL: The Twilight Singers.


Twilight Singers – She Was Stolen – Dynamite Steps (2011)
-          forthcoming 3rd full length
-          Led by Greg Dulli.
-          Dulli has also collaborated with Mark Lanegan to release a couple albums as the Gutter Twins.
-          The build through out this song is worth the price of the album.
-          Whether it’s here or in the Gutter Twins, Dulli is capable of creating deep powerful moods and feelings.


WATERS - O Holy Day Break - Out In the Light (2011)
-          Forthcoming debut album. Out 9/20.
-          New project led by Van Pierszalowski (previously of Port O'Brien).

Efrim Manuel Menuck - Our Lady of Parc Extension and Her Munificent Sorrows - Plays 'High Gospel' (2011)
-          Solo debut from the leader of Godspeed You Black Emporer and Thee Silver Mt. Zion.
-          Very eclectic, orchestral blend of styles. Some lean much more electronic than others.

NewVillager - Rich Doors - NewVillager (2011)
-          One of a couple singles they have out.
-          No full length out yet.
-          Eclectic dance pop that makes me think of Yeasayer quite a bit.
-          'Rich Doors' was their first single out and a great track as well.

Ted Nugent - Strangle Hold – Ted Nugent (1975)
-          Opening track on debut solo release.
-          Was the leader of the Amboy Dukes prior to this release.
-          Named the 31st greatest guitar solo of all time by guitar world! Woooo!


My Morning Jacket – Off the Record - Z (2005)
-          Probably the most notable Louisville band going.
-          Led by and known for Jim James on lead vocals.
-          Seeing this track live made me immediately think of Strangle Hold

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