Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Unknown & Unheard Show 214!

Stream & Download The U & U Show 213 Right Here, Right Now! (Download) Auditorium - I'm the Enforcer - Be Brave (2011) - Debut Full length - Great sound captured here. Makes you think of T. Rex, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes. - Sweet music video for this track too. Official Site : Amazon : HypeMachine T. Rex - Monolith - Electric Warrior (1971) - One of the greatest albums ever made. - I can't believe how long it's been since I've played a track from Marc Bolan's masterpiece. - This one pairs so nicely with the Auditorium track I couldn't not play it! Amazon : HypeMachine The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires – All Eternals Deck (2011) - Forthcoming full length - Their last, The Life of the World to Come, was out in October 2009. - Led by John Darnielle and his unmistakable passionate and powerful vocals. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Englishman - Boy T. Rex - Englishman (2010) - Debut full length - debut EP out in 2009 - Reminds me a ton of the Mountain Goats… that’s a good thing! - Out of Lexington, KY. MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine The Decemberists – January Hymn – The King Is Dead (2011) - Brand new album!!! - Colin Meloy, leader, said he had initially envisioned this album as a musical. - distinct folk band that at times brings in some Jethro Tull sounds - Headlined the NPR music stage at SXSW. - It will be tough to top their last album The Hazards of Love. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Yellow Ostrich - Hate Me Soon - The Mistress (2011) - Debut full length - Sounds a bit like the Beatles and the White Stripes and even at times Menomena. Official Site : BandCamp : HypeMachine The White Stripes - Screwdriver - The White Stripes (1999) - Debut full-length. - Jack & Meg White. You know 'em. Enjoy them while they are still in their prime. Official Site : Amazon : HypeMachine The Kills - Hitched - Keep Me On Your Mean Side (2003) - Detroit dirty grunge rock duo - latest album was out in 2008, ‘Midnight Boom’ - Forthcoming album in 2011 Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Iron & Wine – Me and Lazarus – Kiss Each Other Clean (2011) - Forthcoming full length, Kiss Each Other Clean. - Just signed to a major label and I really wanted to dislike this album b/c of that reason, but I can't! - This is already a lock for the best of 2011 show. So many great songs! - Sam Beam: Singer/Songwriter from Florida - Graduated from Florida State Film School with a Masters and for a while was a professor of Cinematography at Miami International University. - Started recording in 2002 - 2002-2003: recorded mostly lo-fi acoustic music - 2004-Present: Higher quality recordings and incorporated more instruments and creativity. - All his music is great to hear on vinyl. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine The Shivers - Just Didn't Need to Know - Sunset Psalms (2010) - Debut album - Sounds like a Lennon track off Plastic Ono Band or something from the Arcade Fire. Facebook : MySpace : HypeMachine Twilight Singers – On the Corner – Dynamite Steps (2011) - forthcoming 3rd full length - Led by Greg Dulli. - Dulli has also collaborated with Mark Lanegan to release a couple albums as the Gutter Twins. - The build through out this song is worth the price of the album. - Whether it’s here or in the Gutter Twins, Dulli is capable of creating deep powerful moods and feelings. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine La Sera - Never Come Around - La Sera (2011) - Forthcoming full length debut - Vivian Girl Katy Goodman’s side project with that similar eerie garage vibe. Official Site : Amazon : HypeMachine Tennis - Pigeon - Cape Dory (2011) - Debut LP. Debut EP was out July 27th - Pop husband and wife duo. - Bought a sailboat and sailed around the east coast for seven months and now are sharing their experiences in song form for you. MySpace : HypeMachine Times New Viking - No Room To Live - Dancer Equired (2011) - Forthcoming full length release. - Show them at their least distorted and most approachable. - These guys usually put forth some of the most abrasive lo-fi music you'll ever find and still get great critical praise. - This is the best I've heard from them. Official Site : Amazon : HypeMachine Lifeguards - Paradise Is Not So Bad - Waving at the Astronauts (2011) - Forthcoming collaborative album between Robert Pollard and, fellow GBV member, Doug Gillard. - This album captures the GBV sound better than any other recent Pollard project. Official Site : Amazon : HypeMachine Robert Pollard - Space City Kicks - Space City Kicks (2011) - First release of the year… I think. - You can't name a more prolific songwriter who maintains consistency and quality than Pollard - Former and once again, leader of Guided By Voices. Also of the Boston Spaceships. Official Site : Amazon : HypeMachine

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