Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Unknown & Unheard Show 213!

Stream & Download The U & U Show 213 Right Here, Right Now! (Download) The Kills – Pale Blue Eyes (Lou Reed Cover) - Detroit dirty grunge rock duo - latest album was out in 2008, ‘Midnight Boom’ - Forthcoming album in 2011 Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Twilight Singers – She Was Stolen – Dynamite Steps (2011) - forthcoming 3rd full length - Led by Greg Dulli. - Dulli has also collaborated with Mark Lanegan to release a couple albums as the Gutter Twins. - The build through out this song is worth the price of the album. - Whether it’s here or in the Gutter Twins, Dulli is capable of creating deep powerful moods and feelings. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Starlings, TN – How Dark It Is Before the Dawn – How Dark It Is Before the Dawn (2010) - 5th album and first in 5yrs - Louisiana native Steve Stubblefield’s music career was put to the side after Hurricane Katrina to help with the recovery. - Reminds me a bit of a BRMC ballad. Official Site : Amazon : HypeMachine The Decemberists – Rise To Me – The King Is Dead (2011) - Brand new album!!! - Colin Meloy, leader, said he had initially envisioned this album as a musical. - distinct folk band that at times brings in some Jethro Tull sounds - Headlined the NPR music stage at SXSW. - It will be tough to top their last album The Hazards of Love. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Drew Grow & the Pastors Wives - Bootstraps - Drew Grow & The Pastors Wives (2010) - Debut full length - Cool, bass heavy riff throughout this track. - Reminds me of Grizzly Bear a ton. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Feist & Little Wings - Look At What the Light Did Now (Live) - Two folk singer songwriters collaboration. - Feist is a member of Broken Social Scene and blew up with her 3rd solo album ‘The Reminder’ which featured the track ‘1234’ - This track is from the documentary of the same name that covers the making of ‘The Reminder’. - Little Wings is Kyle Field Fiest Official : Little Wings Official : Watch the Video GunMothers Head - Snow and Gold (2009) - Recorded on tape and as raw and as powerful as can be. - This track has sucked me in completely. - solo work of Tucker Haendler of Buffalo Voice MySpace Admiral Fallow - Squealing Pigs - Boots Met My Face (2010) - Scottish band that is very reminiscent of Frightened Rabbit and We Were Promised Jetpacks. MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Frightened Rabbit - The Loneliness and the Scream - The Winter of Mixed Drinks (2010) - 4th album, Midnight Organ Fight is their best to date. - This band had a lot of hype from the start, and that combined with a ‘far from album best’ first single pushed me away at first, but the deeper I dug into this album the more I was blown away - Scottish accent stands out, but there seems to be something more than that to his vocals and make them truly unique. - 2010 Best Of Leftover. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine The Happen Ins - Baby - The Happen Ins (2010) - Debut full length. - Played SXSW - Formed in 2009 and unsigned as of yet. MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine New Pornographers – Crash Years – Together (2010) - 5th album, out May 4th - Led by AC Newman, who also has a couple great solo albums out. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Generationals – Say For Certain - Trust EP (2010) - Recently released EP. - Louisianan Band - Indie pop - Great SXSW DayTrotter Session Official Site : MySpace : Bandcamp : HypeMachine : DayTrotter Session The Brute Chorus - Birdman - How the Caged Bird Sings (2010) - 2nd album. debut album out last year. - Slightly raucous blues/folk UK band MySpace : HypeMachine Blood Warrior – Snake Seer – Blood Warrior (2010) - Haunting folk band. - Band from the leader of O’Death, Greg Jamie MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine

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