Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Unknown & Unheard Show 203!

Stream & Download The U & U Show 203 Right Here, Right Now! (Download) The Brute Chorus - Chateau - The Brute Chorus (2009) - Debut album. 2nd album out this year. - Slightly raucous blues/folk UK band MySpace : HypeMachine Cold War Kids – Louder Than Ever - Louder Than Ever (2010) - Forthcoming 3rd full length - Debut full length album out in 2006 - 3 EPs prior to debut's release - Newest full-length album is ‘Loyalty to Loyalty’ Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine My Jerusalem – Sweet Chariot - Gone For Good (2010) - debut full length - Members of The Twilight Singers, Great Northern and Polyphonic Spree. - made a big impression at SXSW - This was their first single and was released like over a year ago! Time to revisit and remember why the anticipation was so massive for this record. MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Horse Feathers – Drain You (Nirvana Cover) - Drain You/Bonnet of Briars (Single) (2010) - Latest Release. Thistled Spring was their latest LP and 3rd overall. - Stripped back sound featuring all strings - Painfully sad at times - unmatched in it’s raw emotion… like the earliest Iron & Wine albums - This music makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Love as Laughter - Monique - Monique (2010) - Forthcoming 7th album - Catchy rolling style of southern rock. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine The Decemberists – Down By The River – The King Is Dead (2011) - Brand new forthcoming album!!! - Colin Meloy, leader, said he had initially envisioned this album as a musical. - distinct folk band that at times brings in some Jethro Tull sounds - Headlined the NPR music stage at SXSW. - It will be tough to top their last album The Hazards of Love. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Breathe Owl Breathe - Own Stunts - Magic Central (2010) - 4th album. - Haunting style of folk that reminds a little of Donovan. - Deft tempo and rhythm changes make this track extremely interesting and enjoyable. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine il gato - Blue Skies - Blue Skies DEMO (20??) - 2 LPs out currently. - Led by Daimian Holiday Scott. - Enjoyably full sound with a wide range of instruments effectively incorporated. - Remind me a lot of the Avett Brothers. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Tennis - Cape Dory - Baltimore (2010) - Debut LP. Debut EP was out July 27th - Pop husband and wife duo. - Bought a sailboat and sailed around the east coast for eight months and now are sharing their experiences in song form for you. MySpace : HypeMachine Matt & Kim - Northeast - Sidewalks (2010) - 3rd album, debut out in 2006, Self-titled. - just added to the Pitchfork Music Fest, which is one of the more relevant festivals you’ll find - keyboard & drums that sound like much more than that… sum of the parts - This album seems to focus on the keyboards/synth even more than before. Less of that full drive backbone of drum found on their last album. - This track is about the most mellow one I've heard. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Diamond Rings – Pre-Owned Heart - Special Affections (2010) - debut release - Solo project from John O'Regan, the lead singer of the D'Urbervilles (they have a fantastic cover of Timber Timbre's 'Magic Arrow'!) - Reminds me a lot of the leading indie pop bands... Belle & Sebastian, Bishop Allen, Etc. - Weird as can be, but makes some of the catchiest songs. - Vocals remind me of The National’s lead singer Matt Berninger AND Julian Casablancas (formerly of the Strokes). MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Esben and the Witch - Marching Song - 33 (2010) - Debut EP - Dark ominous sound. - Pretty creepy video for this song. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans – Seven Swans (2004) - 4th album out of 7/9 depending on how you count. - This is my favorite Sufjan song and how he opened his last show. - Infinitely talented and respected Multi-instrumentalist - Tracks contain a wide variety of instruments. Only a banjo to full orchestra. - He has ventured more into the electronic side of music with his latest EP and LP. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine

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