Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Best of the Unknown & Unheard 2009! Part 2!

Stream & Download The U & U Show 160 Right Here, Right Now! (MediaFire) Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – The Sound – Summer of Fear (2009) - 2nd album - TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone and Grizzly Bear’s Christopher Bear continue to lend a hand to his work - His self-titled debut is well worth your time and reason enough to give this album a listen as well. MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine : Download on RCRDLBL We Were Promised Jetpacks – It's Thunder and It's Lightning – These Four Walls (2009) - Debut album - Scottish band with a very similar sound to Frightened Rabbit on the mellower tracks but seem a bit more aggressive when they amp up their sound. - This week’s track that is lodged in my head. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Todd Snider – Money, Compliments, Publicity – The Excitement Plan (2009) - 8th studio album - The Devil You Know was best/most commercial to date… this is working on surpassing that. - Peace Queer came out before this and was obnoxiously political… this album, thankfully, shows a return to what got him where he is. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Thao Nguyen & the Get Down Stay Downs - Body - Know Better, Learn Faster (2009) - new album - if you are unfamiliar with Thao you need to correctly that quickly - Her last album, We Brave Bee Stings And All, was highlighted by the track 'Bag of Hammers." - Female M. Ward? + some Modest Mouse-y guitars Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Local Natives – Airplanes - Gorilla Manor (2009) - debut album - Check out their DayTrotter Session Here! Official Site : MySpace : HypeMachine Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – 40 Day Dream – Up From Below (2009) - debut album… also on their debut EP, out earlier this year. - Big folk band that makes deeply layered songs - Arcade Fire + Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos? MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine The Decemberists – The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid – The Hazards of Love (2009) - Brand new album - Colin Meloy, leader, said he had initially envisioned this album as a musical. - distinct folk band that at times brings in some Jethro Tull sounds - Headlined the NPR music stage at SXSW - This track (and album) has some of the biggest, fattest riffs that they’ve ever put out. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine The Builders and the Butchers – Golden and Green – Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well (2009) - Sophomore album out June 16th - From the previews of this album I’ve heard, they’ve really stepped up the sounds and progressions… and that’s saying a lot if you are familiar with their debut. - Get excited about this album! Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine : DayTrotter Session Timber Timbre – We’ll Find Out – Timber Timbre (2009) - 2nd album, debut was out in 2007 ‘Medicinals’ - M. Ward + Bon Iver + Tom Waits’ ‘What’s He Building In There?’ - Eerily cool spooky tracks… slogan on Myspace is ‘Creep on creepin’ on.’ - Toronto duo Label Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Brendan Benson - Feel Like Taking You Home – My Old, Familiar Friend (2009) - forthcoming album, first since Raconteurs work - out 8-18-09 - for those not near and dear to his previous solo work you should be able to at least clearly hear his contribution to the Raconteurs’ sound. MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Eels – Prizefighter – Hombre Lobo (2009) - Newest album - Translates to ‘Werewolf’ - There is a really interesting look into Mark Everett’s past on a NOVA on PBS, ‘Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives’ - This is the next album on my must have list. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine The Strange Boys – This Girls Taught Me a Dance – The Strange Boys & Girls Club (2009) - debut full length - in the same vein as the Black Lips… lo-fi mash-up of 60’s/70’s rock, old r&b and punk. MySpace : HypeMachine Lord Cut-Glass – Big Time Teddy – Lord Cut-Glass (2009) - Debut from former member of The Delgados - Scottish accent really adds to why I like this band. MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Joseph Childress - Leaving the Barren Ground - Split (Tower) 7" (2009) - split effort with White White Quilt - recorded inside an empty water tower. - band members added to the percussion by throwing their bodies into the sides of the water tower. MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine

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