Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Unknown & Unheard Show 150!!! Halloween Edition!

Stream & Download The U & U Show 150 Right Here, Right Now! (MediaFire) Arcade Fire – Neon Bible – Neon Bible (2007) - sophomore album - great song that fits the holiday… eerie feel - more accessible follow up to brilliant, but further out there debut - Go French Canada! Official Site : MySpace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine Timber Timbre – We’ll Find Out – Timber Timbre (2009) - 2nd album, debut was out in 2007 ‘Medicinals’ - M. Ward + Bon Iver + Tom Waits’ ‘What’s He Building In There?’ - Eerily cool spooky tracks… slogan on Myspace is ‘Creep on creepin’ on.’ - Toronto duo Label Site : Myspace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine Monsters of Folk - Baby Boomer - Monsters of Folk (2009) - Debut from the M. Ward, Conor Oberst & Jim James - Not ground-breaking, but as quality as you’d expect from these names. - Album is out in September - Download this song for free right now on their site! - Whole Lotta Love: M. Ward influence - Ahead of the Curve: Conor Oberst influence - The Right Place: Jim James influence Official Site : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine Devendra Banhart - Goin' Back - What Will We Be (2009) - Forthcoming 7th studio album - Full Name: Devendra (Hindu god of rain and thunder) Obi (Star Wars inspired) Banhart - He has perfected and pioneered the genre called ‘freak folk’ - It is very far reaching, eclectic folk. He mixes in a lot of pop and makes his track very danceable and catchy. MySpace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine Thao Nguyen & the Get Down Stay Downs - Body - Know Better, Learn Faster (2009) - new album - if you are unfamiliar with Thao you need to correctly that quickly - Her last album, We Brave Bee Stings And All, was highlighted by the track 'Bag of Hammers." - Female M. Ward? + some Modest Mouse-y guitars Official Site : MySpace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine Sleigh Bells - Ring Ring – (2009) - one of the biggest ‘breakouts’/benefactors of CMJ. - Beta Band sound here, but really dive into the electronics on the other tracks I’ve heard. MySpace : Stream on HypeMachine Dead Man’s Bones –My Body's a Zombie For You – Dead Man’s Bones (2009) - First single from actors’, Ryan Gosling and Zack Shields, band featuring Silverlake Conservatory children’s choir. - Out October 6th - On ANTI one of the most eclectic labels going. - Best Halloween album ever? Yes. - Arcade Fire and Polyphonic Spree fans… dig in! Myspace : Stream on HypeMachine Midnight Masses - Deserter Song - Heaven 7" (2009) - EP prepping the waters for their debut - NY Band of varying numbers, from 3 & 4 up to the mid teens. - Even in the eerie dept. with Dead Man's Bones, but with more of a vintage Doors-inesss MySpace : Buy on Amazon : Stream of HypeMachine Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes (2009) - Debut album - Echoey sound is reminiscent of Kurt Vile except these guys have more of a anthem sound. MySpace : Stream on HypeMachine Surf City - Autumn – Autumn Single (2009) - forthcoming full-length debut - they released their debut ep in August - New Zealand band Official Site : MySpace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine The Black Angels – Black Grease – Passover (2006) - First full length album - Formed in 2004 in Austin, TX - Interesting feel to it… similar to some of the Black Keys more eerie songs - Debut Self Titled EP was released in 2005. 2nd full length out in 2008 Official Site : MySpace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine Black Keys – When the Lights Go Out – Rubber Factory (2004) - 3rd album - one of the eeriest songs I’ve ever heard - latest sounds the most affected by outside/big label influence, but still good Official Site : MySpace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine Tom Waits - Jesus Gonna Be Here - Bone Machine (1992) - scary, intense, primitive sounding album - one of my top songs for this time of year. Official Site : MySpace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine Naam - Skyling Slip - Naam (2009) - Debut album - Black Sabbath and Black Mountain couldn’t make on to tonight’s show, but these gentlemen will gladly (if that word is even in their lexicon) fill the sludgy blues metal void. MySpace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine

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