Monday, April 6, 2009

Support The Music That Supports You On...

Howdy all! I could be a late-comer to Record Store Day, seeing as how last year was my first go around with this sweet little yearly audio extravaganza. It may have been its first year as well, but I'm a little too lazy to look into all that. However, regardless of whenever I popped whatever cherry, the main goal of this post is to relay the details of this joyous event. Record Store Day is a happening that takes place around the world at every worthy record shop... there are numerous ones for all you central Indiana inhabitants. This year it's Saturday, April 18. It is a way for you, your favorite artists, record labels and record shops to come together in a mutual sharing of good clean love. Artists are readying special releases, record stores are setting up sweet shows and all you have to do is go and show your support.
This day pretty much captures everything I try to promote with this show, and now blog... Listen to music, go see live shows, and show your support locally. Music is art, music is cheap (sometimes free), music is everywhere and music is here for you. Return the favor on Record Store Day!
All the details, including what's goin' down at all the local shops and what special releases are set to drop, can be found right HERE! Plus check out who was named this year's Ambassador of Record Store Day... Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes. Such a sweet stache!

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MoMoneyMoProblems said...

Thanks Kyle! Like I need any more reasons to hang out at record stores and plunge myself into further debt purchasing music! :) Thanks for posting though! Grand Pubah! :)