Sunday, April 5, 2009

Certain Bands They Get Scratched Into Our Souls

Is it possible for The Hold Steady to disappoint? No. So there is no need risk redundancy with hyperbole by saying anything more than... I saw The Hold Steady live last night. This was my third time seeing them, but my first seeing them perform a whole set as a headliner. I didn't know what I was missing. They played everything and maybe said a total of 20 words outside of lyrics the entire show. See this band live! My ears are ringing with the glorious distortion and I'm still pretty darn pumped. I even ran today! I might lose a few more lbs if I could see them every night. The squirrels even seemed pumped about it, though it could be more this (couldn't resist the urge to google).

But ok, I'm not here to just rub in the fact that you didn't see a badass show, I'm here to give you heads up on The Hold Steady's New Live CD/DVD. It is entitled 'A Positive Rage' and the trailer is up top. They have four albums out, but have been widely considered one of the land's best live acts since the beginning. This should be a pretty solid consilation for those unable/unwilling to justify throwing down 15 whole dollars to see them live and stand 10ft from the stage on a Saturday night.

Official Site : Myspace : Buy on Amazon : Stream on HypeMachine

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