Monday, August 26, 2013

The U & U 331 | King Krule, Willis & Weirdness

Les Savy Fav : Adoptduction : Go Forth (2001)
-       3rd album.
-       Debut album 3/5 was out 1997.
-       Led by comedian, artist, author and crazy person Tim Harrington.
-       Art, punk rock that is reminiscent of the Pixies at times.

King Krule : Has This Hit : Six Feet Beneath the Moon (2013)
-       Full length debut. 1 EP out.
-       Aka Archy Marshal… formerly Zoo Kid
-       18 year old British singer/songwriter.
-       Unique vocals highlight the musically restrained tracks.

Perfume Genius : Dark Parts : Put Your Back N 2 It (2012)
-          2nd album
-          Debut album, Learning, was a massive critical hit.
-          Another easy and catchy piano track.
-          This week's band that is blowing up out of the blue. They are everywhere!

Willis Earl Beal : Swing On Low (Live on From The Basement) (2012)
-       This is a live a version of a track off his debut album.
-       Debut was lo-fi, unflattering and didn't show off his insanely powerful voice.
-       Big time comparisons to Tom Waits.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson : The Debtor : Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (2008)
-       Debut album
-       TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone and Grizzly Bear’s Christopher Bear continue to lend a hand to his work
-       His 2nd album was out in 2009, Sound of Fear.
-       Had a very hard life prior to these releases.

Ty Segall : She Don’t Care : Sleeper (2013)
-          Mellowest album to date.
-          Also readying the debut release from his appropriately named group FUZZ.

Night Beats : Outta Mind : Sonic Bloom (2013)
-          2nd album’s first single.
-          Seattle-based garage, soul, psych rock band.

Surf City : NYC : We Knew It Was Going To Be Like This (2013)
-          2nd full length album.
-          New Zealand band.
-          Fuzzy, psychedelic guitar pop.

Sonny and The Sunsets : Natural Acts : Antenna to the Afterworld (2013)
-       4th album
-       His 3rd, Longtime Companion, was a highlight folk album up 2012.
-       He also has a project where he's come up with 100 fictional bands and recording a song as each of them. Full explanation here.

Nathaniel Rateliff : This : Shroud EP (2011)
-       Latest solo release.
-       Debut single with a more soul and rock infused band is out now, Trying So Hard Not To Know.

Leatherbag : Tom Petty Summer : Rarities (2013)
-       Latest release of demos.
-       Austin band
-       2nd band I saw at SXSW 2012 and one that I didn’t know at all going in. Ended up being a favorite.

Phosphorescent : Song for Zula : Muchacho (2013)
-          6th album
-          Singer/songwriter alias for Matthew Houck.
-          Will be high on the best songs of the 2013 list

Tobacco : Heavy Makeup : Maniac Meat (2010)
-       Side project of leader of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tom Vec
-       Very odd brand of electronic, psych and rock.

Death Grips : Birds (2013)
-          Latest single.
-          One of the most obtuse bands going.
-          Former drummer of Marnie Stern.
-          Highly experimental blend of hip hop, heavy rock and weirdness.

Wise Blood : 11 P.M. - 1 A.M. : id (2013)
-          Debut full length.
-          Debut EP, These Wings, was excellent as well.
-          Impressive blend of r&b/rap/singing vocals, drums, and samples.

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