Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Unknown & Unheard Show 291!

Tame Impala : Be Above It : Lonerism (2012)
-          2nd album
-          Australian classic psych outfit.
-          Members also responsible for the excellent band POND.

The Mountain Goats : Harlem Roulette : Transcendental Youth (2012)
-          Latest full length. Previous was 2011's All Eternals Deck and was a Best of the U & U.
-          Their last, The Life of the World to Come, was out in October 2009.
-          Led by John Darnielle and his unmistakable passionate  and powerful vocals.

Wooden Wand : Southern Colorado Song : Blood Oaths of the New Blues (2013)
-          Latest single from this James Jackson Toth project's forthcoming album.
-          Out in early January
-          Last release was 2011's Wooden Wand and the Briarwood Virgins.
-          Also released music as WAND after his band left him.
-          SXSW 2012

Perfume Genius : Take Me Home : Put Your Back N 2 It (2012)
-          2nd album
-          Debut album, Learning, was a massive critical hit.
-          Another easy and catchy piano track.
-          Easily one of the top 5 most listened to albums of the year for me.

Menomena : Don’t Mess With Latexas : Moms (2012)
-          5th full length
-          This is the best track on the album.
-          One of the most innovative bands going. Even after Brent Knopf left to form Ramona Falls.

American Royalty : Matchstick : Matchstick EP (2012)
-          Latest EP
-          Playing CMJ
-          Big vocals backed up by upbeat indie pop/rock

Lace Curtains : Cleopatra : The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness (2012)
-          Debut album
-          Big Velvet Underground sound.

Slam Donahue : How To Be Cool : Big House Nice Dreams (2012)
-          Debut EP
-          This is an older EP with a little fuzzier sound than the new single they've just put out

Twin Shadow : Forget : Forget (2010)
-          Debut album
-          Both of their albums have blown up huge!
-          Band led by George Lewis Jr.
-          Part pop, part 80's synth rock, part dance and all wrapped up in Lewis' dynamic vocals.

Zula : Technocrat Motorist Coping (2012)
-          Latest single
-          Brooklyn psych pop outfit.
-          Put on an excellent set opening up for Tony Castles.
-          Playing CMJ

Dusted : Cut Them Free : Total Dust (2012)
-          Debut full length
-          Collaborative band from a member of Holy Fuck and Final Fantasy.
-          Big Neil Young folk sound.

Lushes : Harsh : What Am I Doing (2012)
-          Debut single.
-          Brooklyn band that I loved seeing live opening for Wet Hair.

Lord Huron : Time To Run : Lonesome Dreams (2012)
-          Debut full length from a band that has made a significant mark already with only 2 EPs
-          Rich, easy going tropical feel to this track.
-          Very reminiscent of Fleet Foxes.

WRITER : Hot Days : Barefoot Art (2010)
-          Debut single
-          Brooklyn duo of brothers
-          Get this track for free HERE.

Ghetto Cross : Still (2012)
-          2nd single in 4 years.
-          Collaboration from the Black Lips' Cole Alexander and Deerhunter/Atlas Sound's Bradford Cox.
-          Dark psych garage sound.

Jason Molina : The Harvest Law : Autumn Bird Songs (2012)
-          Somewhat of a surprise release from one of my all time favorite musicians.
-          He's been in recovery for alcohol abuse for some time now.
-          This was his final recording project before his hiatus.
-          Responsible for Songs:Ohia and Magnolia Electric Company.

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