Monday, September 17, 2012

The Unknown & Unheard Show 289! The Return!

Matthew E. White : Steady Pace : Big Inner (2012)
-          Debut album.
-          Take the sound of Iron & Wine's last 2 albums and the Welcome Wagon and make it catchier, funkier and fuller and you get this incredible album.
-          I saw him perform it once already and I can't recommend the show enough!.
-          One of the best releases of the year.

Dusted : (Into the) Atmosphere : Total Dust (2012)
-          Debut full length
-          Collaborative band from a member of Holy Fuck and Final Fantasy.
-          Big Neil Young folk sound.

The UFO Club : July : The UFO Club
-          Debut LP from collaboration between The Black Angels and Night Beats.
-          Great dark psych rock… not a surprise considering the band's family tree.

Divine Fits : Shivers (Rowland S. Howard cover) : A Thing Called the Divine Fits (2012)
-          The long awaited collaborative album from Spoon's Britt Daniel and Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs' Dan Boeckner.
-          This album is powered by the Boeckner led tracks but this cover is pretty hard to deny as the album's highlight.
-          Rowland S. Howard was the guitarist in the Boys Next Door, Nick Cave's first band, and Cave covered it brilliantly himself for them.

JEFF the Brotherhood : Changes (Black Sabbath/Ozzy cover) : Hypnotic Nights (2012)
-          7th album
-          Classic rock duo from Tennessee comprised of Jake & Jamin Orrall
-          I'm somewhat reluctant to say a cover is one of my favorite songs of the year, but this song was such an unexpected treat when I listened to this album.
-          The rock scene owes a lot of thanks to these guys and Japandroids.

Grizzly Bear : Sleeping Ute : Shields (2012)
-          Debut album
-          The hype and anticipation surrounding their latest album, Veckatimest, was huge.
-          Great eclectic band

Menomena : Heavy Is As Heavy Does : Moms (2012)
-          5th full length
-          One of the most innovative bands going. Even after Brent Knopf left to form Ramona Falls.

El Ten Eleven : Thanks Bill : Transitions (2012)
-          5th album.
-          Experimental post-rock duo.

Hornet Leg : We're So Ugly : Ribbon of Fear (2009)
-          Debut full length.
-          Portland garage psych rock

Needles//Pins : I Heart Your Drugs : 12:34 (2012)
-          Debut full length
-          Fun and loose, anthemic rock.

Tame Impala : Apocalypse Dreams : Lonerism (2012)
-          2nd album
-          Australian classic psych outfit.
-          Members also responsible for the excellent band POND.

Dark Meat : When the Shelter Came : When the Shelter Came (2009)
-          One of the most unique groups making music
-          Athens based collective of musicians making sounds that combine Captain Beefheart, Zappa, the Stooges and host of other classic, off-beat psych bands.
-          Pretty awesome/inappropriate album art.

Twin Shadow : Five Seconds : Confess (2012)
-          2nd album
-          There might not be a song I've listened to more since my move than this one
-          Band led by George Lewis Jr.
-          Part pop, part 80's synth rock, part dance and all wrapped up in Lewis' dynamic vocals.

College : A Real Hero : A Real Hero EP (2010)
-          Dance pop band that one me over with this track's inclusion on the Drive OST.
-          I openly admit that my love of this track is directly related to my enjoyment of the movie, but it's still been one I've kept replaying frequently.
-          Really love the 80's vibe of the entire soundtrack.
-          2 full lengths out as well.

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin : Pop Song : Pop Song 7" (2012)
-          Fuzzy nd energetic blast of garage sounds from usual San Fran collaborators.
-          San Fran 60’s psych/garage rock leaders.
-          Ty Segall is in the process of releasing his 3rd full length album of 2012.

Natural Child : B$G P$MP$N : Hard In Heaven (2012)
-          2nd full length.
-          Big vintage 1970's classic rock sound here. Think Lynyrd Skynyrd.
-          Debut, 1971, was on more than a few best of '11 lists.

Here We Go Magic : Hard To Be Close : A Different Ship (2012)
-          3rd album. Also one EP
-          Upbeat indie pop.

Sam Flax : Child of Glass : Age Waves (2012)
-          Debut full length. One EP out as well.
-          Catchy, fuzzy, eclectic psych rock.
-          For fans of Kurt Vile's heavier tracks.

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