Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Unknown & Unheard Show 271! SXSW Preview Show 5 of 6!

Tim Fite – We Are All Teenagers – Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t (2012)
-          3rd full length.
-          Truly unique blender of styles.                
-          Has numerous self released albums on his official site.

The Mynabirds - Generals - Generals (2012)
-          2nd album.
-          Full length debut was 2010's What We Lose In the Fire We Gain In the Flood.
-          if this doesn’t fit perfectly with the brand new She & Him track, nothing does.

Deer Tick – Walls – Tim EP (2012)
-          Latest EP
-          ‘Divine Providence’ was their latest and 4th album.
-          The leader of Deer Tick, John McCauley, has been working on the Middle Brother collaborative project recently and making some brilliant music there.
-          This is their first new recording in about 2 years as their 3rd album was recorded during the sessions for their 2nd.
-          The is the first single from the forthcoming album and has an easier feel that is more reminiscent of Middle Brother than the older Deer Tick stuff.

Ezra Furman - That's When It Hit Me - The Year of No Returning (2012)
-          Debut solo album.
-          3 album albums with The Harpoons and numerous Best of the U & U selections!
-          One of the most talented and refreshing artists going.
-          SXSW 2012

Turf War – Bad Moon Rising (CCR)
-          Debut album is 'Years of Living Dangerously.'
-          Produced by Ian St. Pe’ of the Black Lips.
-          Atlanta band.

Fidlar - No Waves - No Waves/No Ass 7" (2012)
-          Latest single. One EP out in 2011.
-          Rough garage rick with a bit of surf rock.
-          SXSW 2012

TEENS - Golden Years - TEENS (2012)
-          Big fuzzy garage sound like that of the Black Lips and Turf War.
-          This album is $3!!!
-          SXSW 2012

Night Beats - Ain't Dumbo - Night Beats (2011)
-          Garage and soul coming together nicely.
-          Bigger fuzz and fidelity than their previous efforts.
-          SXSW 2012

Suckers – Easy Chairs – Suckers EP (2009)
-          Debut EP
-          big pounding, distorted anthem with a couple huge builds
-          This lead into what became my 2nd favorite 2010 album, only behind Titus Andronicus
-          2nd full length just announced and on its way!
-          SXSW 2012

Slow Club - Two Cousins - Paradise (2011)
-          2nd album
-          Debut album was 2009's 'Yeah So.'
-          Guy/girl duo
-          Rolling folk rock sound.

Shearwater – Seventy-Four, Seventy-Five - Palo Santo (2007)
-          4th, and best, album.
-          Animal Joy is their newest and out in Feb 2012.
-          they pack so much intensity in their songs. No one sounds quite like them.
-          Austin band with ties to Okkervil River
-          Almost a voice you’d expect at the opera
-          SXSW 2012

Team Me - With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have a Look At You Now - To the Treetops (2012)
-          Debut full length.
-          Debut EP warming the waters for their forthcoming full length debut.
-          Norwegian indie pop that makes me think of the Antlers and the Kissaway Trail.

Geographer - Life of Crime - Myth (2012)
-          2nd album. Also one EP out.
-          There aren't many out there but this is another band that puts off a sound very reminiscent of Yeasayer and Bravestation.
-          Played SXSW 2011 and playing SXSW 2012

Bravestation – Signs of the Civilized – Signs of the Civilized (2012)
-          Debut full length!
-          Also have a 2010 debut EP.
-          It’s about time Yeasayer fans have another band addressing their needs.

White Rabbits – Temporary – Milk Famous (2012)
-          3rd album.
-          First two albums were big successes.
-          I think their music has gotten significantly better with every album.
-          SXSW 2012

Todd Snider – The Highland Street Incident – The Devil You Know (2006)
-          8th album
-          Tons of praise for this album but still a pretty underrated musician and creative songwriter
-          played with Buffett
-          todd snider and the Nervous Wrecks
-          first album, Songs for the Daily Planet’ came out in 1994
-          SXSW 2012

The Sheepdogs - I Don't Know - Learn & Burn (2010)
-          2nd album
-          big classic rock feel. Think Humble Pie.
-          'I Don't Know' is another great track.
-          SXSW 2011 & 2012.

The Strange Boys – This Girl’s Taught Me a Dance – The Strange Boys & Girls Club (2009)
-          debut full length
-          Latest was out last year and called 'Live Music.'
-          in the same vein as the Black Lips… lo-fi mash-up of 60’s/70’s rock, old r&b and punk.
-          SXSW 2012

Tennis - Marathon - Cape Dory (2011)
-          Debut LP was out January 2011.  Debut EP was out in July of 2010.
-          2nd album, Young & Old, just came out.
-          Pop husband and wife duo.
-          Bought a sailboat and sailed around the east coast for eight months and now are sharing their experiences in song form for you.
-          Played SXSW and playing SXSW 2012

Steve Poltz – A Brief History of My Life - Traveling (2008)
-          Quirky Singer Songwriter
-          Not sure if this song has been put on an album but it’s brilliant
-          Got his big break after he became friends with Jewel, and wrote her hit song ‘You Were Meant For Me’
-          released 6 albums… 2 were live
-          one album was called Answering Machine and had 60 shorts songs that could be answering machine messages
-          2 major releases were One Left Shoe and Chinese Vacation
-          He’s a favorite on the Bob and Tom Show
-          SXSW 2012

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