Monday, March 21, 2011

SXSW Recap : Possibly the Coolest Show I Saw

This might have been the coolest thing I stumbled onto at SXSW. I caught 3 performances/recordings for a really superb, stripped down and raw live music video blog, La Blogotheque. (Here are couple of my favorites: Yeasayer & Menomena to sample) When Leah, the couch surfing hostess I stayed with for part of my trip, and I strolled over to what we were hoping was a Middle Brother performance in this tiny, fairly secluded playground. Instead we saw the last two songs of a Lord Huron show! All of the performances for La Blogotheque are laid back acoustic renditions of songs, so I didn't recognize them at first and had to ask. After that, Lesands stood up from the crowd to get ready for their set. I had never heard of them prior, but was very hopeful. They were going to record the set down in a canal under this nearby bridge and invited teh crowd of like 10 people to join them. We did. Here's their rehersal... After that they announced Middle Brother (a folk rock 'super-group' made up of the leaders of Delta Spirit, Dawes & Deer Tick) was running late, but on their way. Leah unfortunately had to run, but luckily for her and you I recorded a bit of one of their 5 songs they performed. Pardon my face and the crappy quality, Blogger only let me upload one video and YouTube processed the clip... Once they finished up Deer Tick stayed around and played three songs while laying on his back in the grass!

It was pretty spectacular and so different that the rest of the trip and shows I saw.

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