Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Unknown & Unheard Show 166!

Stream & Download The U & U Show 166 Right Here, Right Now! (MediaFire) Free Energy – Hope Child - Stuck on Nothin’ (2010) - Forthcoming debut full length. - formerly known as Hockey Night - Produced by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. - Will likely be on the 2010 Best Of list. MySpace : HypeMachine Frightened Rabbit – Nothing Like You – Winter of Mixed Drinks (2010) - Forthcoming 4th album - Scottish accent stands out, but there seems to be something more than that to his vocals and make them truly unique. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine New Pornographers – Your Hands (Together) – Together (2010) - Forthcoming 5th album, out May 4th - Led by AC Newman, who also has a couple great solo albums out. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Kate Miller-Heidke – Politics In Space – Curiouser (2008) - 2nd album - alternative pop singer-songwriter from Australia - This track is incredibly catchy and I really dig her vocals on it. Her vibrato is reminiscent of Joanna Newsome’s Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Broken Social Scene – World Sick – Forgiveness Rock Record (2010) - forthcoming 4th album, out May 4th - large rotating group of Canadian musicians led by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. - Big epic indie rock sound on this track. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Field Music – Measure – Field Music (Measure) (2010) - 3rd album - The strings are what this song is all about and make it more than worthy of your ears. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Conscience Killer - Beat The Devil's Tattoo (2010) - Forthcoming album! Finally! - You just feel cool listening to these guys. - Brilliant lengthy live performers. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Creature With The Atom Brain – Lonely Light (feat. Mark Lanegan) - Transylvania (2010) - 3rd album - Belgium alt rock band featuring the guitarist from Millionaire. - Bouncy and catchy, but something kind of eerie and early 90's alt rock. Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Follow That Bird – The Ghosts That Wake You – Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2009 (2010) - from a SXSW collection of bands out this year. - Sound like a slightly lighter version of BRMC with female vocals Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Bright Eyes – Black Comedy – One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels (2004) - Being re-released with new tracks. - Originally done during my personal favorite cross section of Conor Oberst’s recording career. - Stream an album preview mash-up HERE! Bright Eyes Official Site : Bright Eyes MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Neva Dinova MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Benjy Ferree – I’m So Young – DayTrotter (2010) - Unreleased track from a recent DayTrotter Session - This track falls more into his 50’s/60’s pop rock side, as opposed to his more White Stripes-y side. - He’s getting comparisons to Jack White, Freddie Mercury and Marc Bolan… pretty accurate and pretty good company! Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore – My Wealth Comes To Me - Dear Companion (2010) - Debut collaboration for the benefit of Appalachian Voices, an org. trying to stop Mountaintop Removal coal. - Produced by and features Jim James/Yim Yames of My Morning Jacket and the Monsters of Folk. - Each primary member of this group just have one solo album out each. Official Site : Amazon : HypeMachine Andy Clockwise- The Casanova (I Remember When) – Are You Well EP (2010) - Debut full length is just out - This is one of several Eps he’s done. - FREE EP DOWNLOAD HERE! Official Site : MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine The Strange Boys – Night Might - Be Brave (2010) - Forthcoming 2nd album out February 23 - This is definitely a more filled out Strange Boys track. MySpace : Amazon : HypeMachine

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